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Dometic CombiCool RC 1200 EGP - silent, electric absorber cooler with gas connection 50 mbar, 40 liter, 12 V and 230 V for car, truck and socket

Absorber cool box - what is it?

If you are looking for a suitable cool box, the range on the market can sometimes be overwhelming. There are now many different types and models of cool boxes to buy. In order to find the right model for yourself, it is important to be well informed and to compare. A particularly flexible cool box is the so-called absorber cool box. But what exactly is an absorber cool box?

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This type of cool box can run on both electricity and gas. It is particularly quiet and is suitable for connection to a 230 volt socket. Since it is also equipped with a 12/24 volt connection, it can also be operated in a vehicle. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for campers or caravan vacationers.

How does the cool box work?

The cool box consists of four main components:

1. the expeller

2. the absorber

3. the evaporator

4. the capacitor

The principle is similar to a cool box equipped with a compressor. However, the cooling in an absorption cool box is not carried out by an electronically operated compressor, but rather the cold is generated thermally. This is referred to as a so-called “two-fluid system”, which consists of a refrigerant and a solvent. Ultimately, one liquid is absorbed by another liquid and then separated from each other again.

Step 1
The way it works is that the solvent and refrigerant are heated in the expeller and thus separated from each other. The resulting ammonia vapor reaches the separator and is freed from the remaining solvent by the condensation there.

Step 2
The vapor of the refrigerant is now cooled in the condenser. This is done by releasing the heat to the heating water. The steam liquefies. Inside the cool box there is a throttle, which ensures that the liquid refrigerant is slowed down. This leads to a reduction in pressure and temperature.

Step 3
The refrigerant then reaches the evaporator. There it evaporates because air and water are supplied to it and the cooling effect occurs.

Step 4
The solvent pump then returns the solution to the expeller and the cycle starts all over again.


Difference to other cool boxes

The biggest difference is that an absorber cooler can be operated not only with electricity, but also with gas. Furthermore, you can connect them in a vehicle, which is important for a camping or caravan vacation. The way they work also differs from conventional cool boxes, as the cold is generated thermally. The dual-fuel system means that no electric compressor is required. Another advantageous difference is that an absorber cool box makes almost no noise.

Advantages of an absorber cool box

Since this cool box does not require a compressor or a pump, it is maintenance-free. It regulates itself and therefore works almost without any disturbing noises. When used on vacation, this is particularly beneficial when it is supposed to run overnight. It is also very practical that you do not need a power connection. All that is needed is sufficient gas or solar energy. This makes it particularly beneficial when the outside temperature is high, as the box uses this heat to heat the system.

What do you have to consider when buying?

If you decide to buy an absorber cool box, you should think about the filling volume you need. The boxes can be bought with three different connections for the gas cartridge. There are cool boxes with piercing cartridges, with screw valve cartridges and with bayonet valve cartridges. Depending on the vehicle and location or occasion of use, you have to choose the most suitable version for yourself.

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling absorber cool box products in 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect absorber cool box product for your needs now!

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- € 10,00Services
Dometic CombiCool RC 1200 EGP - silent, electric ...
Dometic CombiCool RC 1200 EGP - silent, electric ... *
Silent absorber cooler for car, socket and gas connection (50 mbar); Absorber box 12 volts, 230 volts and gas 50 mbar
239,99 € - € 10,00 229,99 € Amazon Prime
- € 32,00Services
DOMETIC ACX3 40G - portable absorber cool box, 41 liters,...
DOMETIC ACX3 40G - portable absorber cool box, 41 liters,...*
cooling up to 30 °C below ambient temperature; Absolutely quiet operation avoids any noise pollution
369,00 € - € 32,00 337,00 €
- € 20,00Services
Dometic CombiCool RC 2200 EGP, silent, electric...
Dometic CombiCool RC 2200 EGP, silent, electric...*
Robust housing with 40 liter useful capacity, with ice cube tray; Cooling up to 30°C below ambient temperature
279,99 € - € 20,00 259,99 € Amazon Prime
- € 59,00Services
DOMETIC CombiCool RC 1205 GC - silent, electric...
DOMETIC CombiCool RC 1205 GC - silent, electric...*
Absolutely silent running; With integrated holder for a gas cartridge; Robust housing and functional...
389,99 € - € 59,00 330,99 € Amazon Prime
- € 66,02Services
Mobicool MB40, hybrid, portable compressor -...
Mobicool MB40, hybrid, portable compressor -... *
Two cooling systems: compressor and thermoelectrics; Electric cool box for 12 V DC / 230 V AC
299,00 € - € 66,02 232,98 € Amazon Prime
- € 41,85Services
DOMETIC TropiCool TCX 35 - portable electric cool box, 33...
DOMETIC TropiCool TCX 35 - portable electric cool box, 33...*
Cools up to 27°C below ambient temperature, warms up to +65°C; Active battery protection prevents...
274,00 € - € 41,85 232,15 €
- € 39,05Services
AEG Automotive thermoelectric cool box KK 28 liters, 12/230...
AEG Automotive thermoelectric cool box KK 28 liters, 12/230...*
Thermoelectric cooler - with double ventilation for faster cold distribution; With 12V vehicle connection and 230V...
144,00 € - € 39,05 104,95 € Amazon Prime

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