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Deerc 300E 4WD

It's time for action! After a long time ago my son den Carrera RC – Turnator Glow in the Dark got, he is now 10 years old and Christmas was just around the corner. Here in the post you can read everything else about DEERC 300E & 302E RC Offroad Drift 4WD Car in Part 1. Have fun!

Which remote control car for a 10 year old?

First look at Amazon to see what is available. It should already be predominantly one RC outdoor off-road vehicle and bring some speed with them. The RC car should endure jumps, as well as some falls and collisions. Of the There are speeds from 20 km/h to over 100 km/h.

Here I chose up to 60 km/h + some more. Many radio controlled cars have one stepless limitation on the radio remote control to the maximum speed reduction. Especially for beginners or children This is a good way to get to know the RC car and become familiar with the controls. DEERC still has RC cars with +40 km/h or below.

That's why I preferred to take a slightly faster RC vehicle that can be adjusted at maximum speed. With less, there was a risk for me that people would say later "Could be even faster" 🙂 . The area up to 60 km/h and room for improvement for a ten-year-old boy I thought was okay.

My choice fell on Amazon Deerc 300E: RC Off-Road Drift 4WD Car 1:18 +60km/h right here two batteries delivered and a brushless (brushless) motor for a longer durability in the car. the DEERC 300E suitable from 14 years According to the packaging, but practice early 😉 . I've read that even 8-year-olds can drive well with it. So that the little one doesn't have to drive alone, there was one for dad DEERC 302E equal to. So we can compare both here.

- € 20,00

Specifications & Details: DEERC 300E & D302E RC Off-Road Drift 4WD Car

Here are some details about the RC Kraft 4WD off-road vehicle 2.4GHz radio system as it says on the instruction manual

  • 1x vehicle 26 x 19 x 10 cm (L, W, D)
  • 4WD 4×4 brushless motor 4300KV
  • 2.4 GHz radio controller 80 m - 100 m
  • 2x 2S Li-Po batteries 7.4V 1200 mAh
  • Metal differential
  • 2x PVC body/shell/chassi
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • User manual in German
  • Accessories + replacement
  • drives over 60 km/h

Every wheel is individually fully sprung and the differential is metal. 2 body kits for changing are great, because scratches and damage can occur quickly. At the 302E is a body kit transparent and has a brush to clean. the 300E and the 302E are roughly identical in construction and have identical other accessories. The instructions for use are the same for both as it is for the 300E and 302E.

Deerc 300E 1:18 302E
300E and 302E - Identical in construction with slight differences - Technically identical

The shock absorbers of the DEERC 300E and 302E are filled with a lubricating paste, but can be filled with oil yourself. The body and components are made of a solid plastic that looks robust at first glance. We'll see what breaks first. Replacement parts are available for reordering.

Note: The brushless motor is for 2S & 3S LiPo batteries suitable!

There are other RC cars that may be identical or similar in structure but may have a different name. There are enough Chinese products on the market. It doesn't have to be direct DEERC be, but THE SET Overall, as a beginner, we find it very good. DEERC is very good in the presentation for the German market, thumbs up 😉 .

Experience and Test on DEERC 300E & 302E RC Off-Road Drift 4WD Car

The cars both drive very well and put up with one or the other collision. The control for slower and faster driving works great with the rotary control. Especially at the beginning or for indoor rides you can easily reduce the maximum speed here. The engine with the 7.4V 1200mAh battery lets the RC car really accelerate quickly and is sow fast. The action really gets going on asphalt or off-road with jumps and drifts. Dad and son loved how much fun the little 1:18 RC car is.

Over time you develop a feeling for the power and speed of the car. The sensitivity of the throttle control is getting better and you also need it in order not to constantly make 360 ​​degree turns at full throttle. This is of course an advantage for tricks like donuts and wheelies 😉 . the Tires are soft with good profile and have good Grip on asphalt and off-road, On wet asphalt or sports surfaces he comes Fun with a drift factor particularly prominent.

Deerc 300E 1:18 tire tread
wheel profile

The driving time with the two batteries can really be easy 40 minutes lie. Depending on driving intensity, terrain and Speed. The radio range is sufficient up to 100 meters or something more. We never had any dropouts in the radio connection. The lane, if the car pulls more to the right or left when driving straight, can be easily adjusted with the trim control on the 2,4 GHz remote controller.

There are of DEERC each TWO 2x PVC body/shell/chassi for 300E & 302E. Here you can not only change the design, but also have a benefit. Collisions, falls, accidents and rollovers can cause scratches, cracks or breakage. The shell is resilient, but not forever. Here it is good to have an additional body/shell/chassi to change. But we also attached both of them to the RC Offroad Drift 4WD car at the same time. This gives you a more stable protective cover against tears and other damage.

The DEERC 300E or DEERC 302E no RC crawler, to slow small narrow course with inclines and narrow obstacles to drive. The minimum speed is just too high, so that you could navigate slowly on a tree trunk with just a quick tap of the throttle. Real RC crawlers are better suited for this. These are more for Sspeed and action designed. Nevertheless, they manage a lot of inclines.

Test drives with RC cars

In the video you can see no top speeds with 2s or 3S battery! You can find these in 3rd part of the series of articles(In Progress).

Here are a few more things that caught our eye. The PVC of the two body/shell/chassi the accessories could have been a little thicker, especially on edges it can sand through faster and holes can appear. But we already have an idea, you can read about it here 🙂 RC cars wheel discs at, which you can screw on the rims as you like, these should the wheel more stable and from deformation and better protect against damage. There is a set with each 4 wheel discs and screws at. A Allen key the set includes for fastening.

The problem: The screws cannot really be screwed in with the enclosed Allen key, as either the screw or the Allen key wears out halfway (material too soft) and the screw can no longer be properly gripped (roughly muddled.) I couldn't even make my own Allen key take, since none of my sizes fit and the enclosed Imbus has some Chinese size.

So with a lot of effort I screwed in the screws that could not be unscrewed halfway with a small pair of pliers. I have no idea why it had to be Allen screws and not Phillips screws. The problem was with both cars and in the end I only attached the wheel discs to one. WITHOUT wheel discs we have not been able to determine any damage or similar. Maybe save yourself the EFFORT, 😉 maybe the manufacturer in China could improve something! -WM betting game code word: Offroad

Conclusion on the DEERC 300E & DEERC 302E

An RC off-road drift 4WD car complete set from DEERC is really great for beginners and beginners. Lots of fun and action in every terrain. Always have charged batteries ready and the kids will have fun wherever you are outdoors or when you have found a good spot. A great hobby for fathers and sons, maybe for moms and daughters 😉 . Price wise for starters we give it a thumbs up.

If you want to know more about what else we have done with our RC cars, you can read about our honest tests with RC car tuning, improvements, repairs, accessories, maximum speeds, Li-Po batteries used here in Part 2.

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