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When canning or canning, different types of food are preserved for a long time. Since the boiling takes place at temperatures around 100 °, fruit and vegetables must be preserved with this method with a loss of Vitamins be expected. The basic requirement for preserving is that fruits and vegetables are processed as fresh as possible when they are harvested.

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Preserving in the oven

Both in the tube of a gas stove and in that of an electric stove can be boiled down. To do this, place the filled jars with lids and rubber rings as well as the clamps on the grate of the oven, which has been pushed into the bottom rail. A vessel with water is placed next to it. The boiling takes place at 130 °. This means for gas stoves about medium heat and for electric stoves only to be used under heat. After the boiling process is complete, the glasses remain in the tube for about another 30 minutes.

Preserving in the canning pot / automatic cooker

The cooking pot is equipped with a thermometer and an insert for holding the glasses. The filled glasses with a rubber ring, lid and clip are placed on the insert. Then as much water with the same temperature as the glass content is poured into the pot, half of the water level should be close to the glasses. The required cooking time is only measured from the point in time at which the water has the prescribed temperature. At this point the Heating source to be smaller so that the water does not bubble.

The automatic cooker makes preserving easier

A preserving machine makes preserving a lot easier by heating the water to the right temperature and maintaining it. Such a device is about the size of a cooking pot, only that it is provided with a power connection. Such machines have a heating coil embedded in the floor. So you make them independent of your stove and can boil down wherever you provide a power connection. A grid is placed in the pot so that the glasses do not stand directly on the floor and cannot be damaged. Then the appropriate amount of water is poured in. Now turn on the device and select the desired temperature. He does the rest Preserving by itself.

Preserving in a pressure cooker

In the pressure cooker, food can be boiled down in small quantities in a very short time. If, for example, you need up to 90 minutes for vegetables in a saucepan, it is in the Pressure cooker only about 10 minutes.However, a pot with a capacity of at least 7-9 liters is required. Industrial glasses are better suited for boiling in a pressure cooker than grooved glasses, because more of these types of glasses fit into them. See also Pressure cooker instructions.

Preserving jelly

Pure fruit juice, which is obtained by [tooltip position = “left“ text = “Juicing fruit juices with steam) by heating the fruit with steam, but not boiling it.“] Steam juicing [/ tooltip], with a [tooltip position = “ left “text =“ Centrifuges are easier to clean than presses and enable faster work. “] Fruit juice centrifuge [/ tooltip] or a spindle press is thickened with sugar by boiling. This longer boiling with sugar turns the fruit juice into jelly. For most types of fruit, pectin must be added to aid gelation. For jelly, around 1000 g of sugar are usually required per liter of juice. The preservation of the jelly is done like jam or jam.

Preserving vegetables

Vegetables are usually not cooked before they are cooked or preserved, but only steamed until they are half soft. Then immediately pour the vegetables into jars while still hot and boil them down. Pre-cooked vegetables therefore only need half the cooking time of raw vegetables. While vegetables such as cauliflower, tomatoes and celery can be put raw in the jars, it is advisable to pre-steam all other vegetables.

Preserving jam

Cleaned, prepared fruits are boiled with half the amount of sugar required. If the fruits are soft, the remaining sugar is added while stirring carefully. Here, too, as with jam, it is sometimes necessary to add pectin. In many gummy bears, jams and fruit gums it is used Pectin used as a gelling agent. Gelling agents are food additives that swell or bind water in water, i.e. lead to gelling.

Making jam and preserving

The basis for jam is fruit pulp, which is obtained by cooking prepared fruit with or without sugar and then passing the cooked fruit through a sieve. The fruit pulp is thickened with the addition of sugar in a certain ratio; the sugar should only be added when the pulp has already thickened to a certain extent. This will prevent the Marmelade. Since many fruits do not contain enough gelling substances, in most cases an addition of pectin is necessary at the end. Apple jam is sufficiently thickened when a few drops of jam are placed on a plate and gel immediately. After cooking, the jam is poured into preheated pots or jars and covered with parchment paper. After cooling, the vessels can be closed with lids that have been pasteurized beforehand.

Preserving fruit

Fruit can be preserved by preserving with or without sugar. In general, fruits cooked down with sugar have a better taste; sugar substitutes such as stevia can also be used for this purpose. Fruits for compote are poured into the glasses and poured with sugar solution. Approx. 500 g of sugar are required for 150 g of sweet fruit. For sour fruits you need about 250 g of sugar. Diabetics can make their own canned fruit using sugar substitutes.

Preserving preservation tips for the right way

  • Thoroughly clean jars, lids, rings and all other devices with which the food comes into contact, such as pots, bowls and ladles, before use.
  • Use only perfect glasses, lids and rubber rings.
  • Place the jars on a damp cloth when filling the hot food.
  • Make sure to carefully clean soiled edges and rubber rings when filling.
  • Only as many fruits or vegetables before cooking as can be cooked in one course.
  • Only use glasses of the same size in one cooking cycle.
  • After removing the jars from the cooking pot, place them on a board and protect them against drafts with a cloth until they have cooled down. Only then remove the clips from the covers.
  • To improve the shelf life, it is advisable to have the first preserving process followed by a second after 48 hours at the latest, which should only last half the prescribed preserving time.
  • Store the jars in a dark room at around 15 °.

Preserving times

The canning times for fruit and vegetables or other foods vary depending on how the devices are used. The boiling time can be found in the recommendations of the device manufacturer.

Boil down yourself - definitely the better alternative

Cooking down yourself is fun, even with the whole family. But boiling down yourself also brings health. You can cook a lot of things on the daily table yourself, here you decide which ingredients are processed. This is where the first advantage is that artificial flavors and preservatives are usually completely dispensed with. You know exactly which ingredients were used in that or which glass. The compilation of the individual end products is up to you.

If you buy goods that have already been preserved, you have to do with preservatives in the food despite the traditional process. Unfortunately, this is not an alternative for people with food and / or preservative allergies.
You can easily cook or preserve your fruit and vegetable products yourself. Preserving sugar is usually used for the types of fruit, jams and compotes are made - of course, jellies in all flavors are also used.

The classic waking or pickling

Vegetables are often marinated in vinegar and oil, and they can also be boiled down in salted water. Here additional herbs are added to give the flavor - either hooked, ground or in one piece. On top of that, it also looks decorative.
If you have a family and want to feed them healthily and according to old customs, you can't avoid the classic pickling or pickling because you should only buy the fresh fruit and vegetables according to their season, which guarantees the highest quality and short transport times and thus little loss of nutrients. In addition, the desired varieties are not offered at inflated prices.

Use canned food

If you want to get food all year round, the season of which is not prevalent, you have to resort to canned food (or expensive imports from abroad). Of course, with the oversupply of freezers and boxes, you can also freeze things fresh these days - but you should use the goods within the next 3 months, but things look different with self-cooked goods, these goods can even be kept for several years. The mason jars should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place, this is the only way that the goods retain their own color over a longer period of time - fruit and vegetables that seem unappetizing will not go down well with anyone. The advantages in a nutshell: no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, free hand in the choice of ingredients, long shelf life of fruits and vegetables (longer than freezing), is fun for the whole family, brings more taste to the plate.

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