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Meat is a high quality food. Meat is a high-quality food, especially because of its high protein, mineral and vitamin content. As the fat content of meat increases, so does the food energy value.

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Store meat

Raw meat should be in a covered china or in the refrigerator Earthenware vessel can only be kept for up to two days. After about four days, meat may no longer be eaten because of the advanced development of rot. Meat that has already been cooked can usually be kept in the refrigerator for 3-4 days; however, it must not only be braised or seared, but must be completely cooked through. If the meat is not fully cooked, microorganisms can spread very quickly and spoil the meat. Long-term storage of meat is possible in the household freezer.

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meat maturation

Some may not believe this, but freshly slaughtered meat is tough and bland in taste. Only when it has hung (matured) for a few days does it become crumbly and more easily digestible. It will be in Butchers usually hung at a core temperature of about 6 ° for 2-3 days before it is sold. The food meat becomes darker with increasing degree of ripeness. With meat that has only matured for a short time, the impression of a thumb recedes very quickly, with meat that has matured much more slowly. Matured meat is sufficient for cooking. However, mature meat is required for braising and matured meat for quick roasting and grilling.

Prepare meat for cooking

So that the beef or pork that needs to be briefly cooked faster, the meat is pounded with the [tooltip position = “left“ text = “A meat tenderizer or plating iron is a kitchen tool to cut slices of meat such as slices of meat. B. Flatten schnitzel. ”] Meat tenderizer [/ tooltip]. This will loosen the muscles of the meat and break the fibers. A wooden kitchen board, which is moistened beforehand, can serve as a base so that it does not absorb the meat juice and is easier to clean. Alternatively, you can wrap the meat in cling film. The meat can then be pounded flat with the flat side of a saucepan.

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Meat (Teubner cooking)*
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Cooking meat: made easy!, practice book*
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Foggy smoke spice, smoke salt, smoke spice in a practical...
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Basic BBQ RUB spice mix 200g
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