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Vibrating plate Bluefin

Who doesn’t know the situation: You want to do sports at home, but you don’t have the space to do it! A purchase of a number of devices also seems to go beyond the scope.

I became aware of losing weight with the help of a fitness plate or vibration plate through a TV advertisement. This stresses the whole body and promotes fat loss. This Bluefin vibration plate also has 5 different training programs, a total of 180 levels of intensities can be set in order to achieve the best possible, individual strain. Here is my experience & test on the Bluefin vibration plate.

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First impression / handling

The first impression is quite compact. The fitness plate with the dimensions of 40cm x 68cm x 15cm weighs about 17 kg and is absolutely stable and robust. The base is covered with a fine rubber cover so that a stable posture is always possible. In addition to the fitness plate itself, the scope of delivery also includes one Remote Control and corresponding Fitness bands to promote the arm muscles.

What quickly caught my eye is that there is a integrated Bluetooth speaker installed. This can be quickly connected to the cell phone. The sound quality is not the best, but it's still a nice idea.

I find the handling itself very understandable and easy to understand. The operation can be done comfortably via the remote control or via manual operation on the plate itself. Due to the many functions available, I recommend reading through the Manual.

Pictures | Vibrating plate Bluefin

🥇 Bluefin vibration plate (Ultra Slim Power) test - purchase advice and insights
# Preview Products Rating Price
1 Bluefin Fitness vibration plate Bluefin Fitness vibration plate* Currently no reviews 199,00 €Amazon Prime
2 Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate Pro Model | Improved Design... Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate Pro Model | Improved design...* Currently no reviews 249,99 € 229,43 €Amazon Prime

What is the basic effect of the Bluefin vibration plate?

The Bluefin vibration plate is basically suitable for anyone who wants to tone their body and reduce fat at home. Due to the 180 different intensities that can be set, there is no age limit for this piece of sports equipment. Everyone can choose their own attitude towards optimal training.

People who suffer from certain pain can use certain training programs to particularly stress specific regions and thus build up muscles. This can help relieve pain.

Overall, the fitness platform offers a large selection of training options. At first glance, it seems that only the leg muscles are strengthened. That's true, but the back, torso and arm muscles are also particularly stressed.

The positive aspect of this Bluefin vibration plate is that in addition to fat loss, the dynamics in the body and body tension are strengthened. The device is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to strengthen, tone and keep themselves healthy at home.

How can I lose weight with the Bluefin vibration plate?

In principle, it is very easy to remove with the Bluefin vibration plate. Every movement, whether intense or calm, results in the burning of calories. This burn can be felt in part in the form of sweat.

That means:

Anyone who sweats while exercising is already burning calories!

This fitness equipment offers full-body training for at home, in which balance and, above all, body tension must be kept on a small vibrating plate. That sounds easy on the first impression, but I can say from experience that it can be very exhausting in the long run.

Since the body tension is always maintained, the other muscles are always stressed by the vibration. On the vibration plate itself, further exercises can be carried out in parallel while vibrating. Bluefin also supplies fitness bands with which the arm muscles can be strengthened at the same time.

As an illustration:

  • While the plate vibrates, the entire leg muscles are used
  • To maintain it, the body tension must be maintained, which stresses the back muscles
  • With the help of fitness bands, the
  • Arm muscles are used

Overall, you can see that the whole body can be trained and brought into shape with the fitness plate.

Vibration plates in comparison

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How often and how intensely should I train?

In order to get the best training result, you should first consider your physical condition.

Are you already in regular training or are you starting from scratch?

Basically, the training should don't be overdoneto give the muscles, ligaments and eyes enough time to get used to the new strain.

So at the beginning I advise 3 units per week to start.

For those who are just starting out with the fitness plate, they should also start with a lower intensity. The time investment should also be at the beginning no longer than 15 minutes .

After my first units with the vibrating plate, I was already quite exhausted, despite the low intensity! One should therefore not underestimate the “new” movement. The body needs time to get used to the new stress.


  • Start: 3 times a week, maximum 15 minutes
  • Low intensity to get to know the load and build body tension
  • Gradually increase over time and expand training to other muscle areas

Advantages and disadvantages of vibration plate test


  • Particularly space-saving
  • Very stable and stable
  • Individual training possible
  • Multiple muscles can be trained at the same time
  • 5 training programs integrated
  • Can be used at any time, can be set up flexibly in terms of location


  • Increased price segment
  • Increased discipline necessary (defeat "bastard")
  • There are no real movements


Conclusion: Bluefin vibration plate

The fitness plate from Bluefin offers particularly little space the ideal way to train and lose fat from home. Due to the multitude of possibilities and demands, the vibrating plate is basically suitable for everyone.

In my first experiences, I was very surprised at how intense the stress is. Do the 5 integrated training programs even fun, since you are, so to speak, a Challenge get.

The price of 189,99 euros can be found in the higher price segment, but in my opinion the high-quality processed plate makes an absolutely professional impression. I can absolutely recommend this fitness plate for sports at home.

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