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Japanese snacks & sweets, whether to give away, snack yourself or to try out with friends. Such a box can contain 40-100 different Japanese sweets. We ordered and tested 2 snack boxes. Here you can find pictures of Japanese sweets. So you get an impression of what awaits you in the box. Perfect for trying out, very exciting and fun, can also be delicious. Have fun!

Which Japanese Candy & Snack Box did you order?

We have ordered 2 boxes! A package with 60 Japanese snacks & sweets and a package with 40 products. In each box there is an instruction leaflet in German. Some sweets or snacks are really small, but so are the Japanese 😉 but you often wonder what it should be or what it is in the packaging, as it is often very shrill and meaningless for us Germans.

1. Snack box 60:

60 Japanese Sweets & Snacks 10 Sushi Sweets Boxes...*
  • A total of 60 pieces in a box contains 10 Kit Kat 10 Sushi Candy 40 of the most popular sweets and snacks in Japan
  • Great gift idea for Birthday, Christmas, San Valentine and other occasion.
  • The chocolate item can be during delivery
  • Please note that in Japan the expiration date is YEAR / MONTH / DAY

10x Kitkat different varieties (small) + 10 sushi candy(Candy in the form of sushi + 40 more Japanese snacks & sweets can be found in the following list.

If you don't want to know what's included or if you want to test it out with friends, DO NOT read the following list!

1. Tirol Choco Chocolate with biscuits21.Ume Mints mini plum-flavored candies
2. Soybean flavored Kinako Mochi Fluffy Rice Cracker22. Crayon Shinchan Chocobi Ramune Ramune cocoa flavor
3. Choco Daihuku Marshmallow filled with chocolate23.Yakisoba San Taro Crispy Noodles
4. Pokemon chewing gum24.Potato Fry Fried Chi Chips with flavor
5.Awadama Cider Candy25.Cabbage taro corn snack in a round shape with algae
6.Uni mochi rice crackers with sea urchin flavor26.Mochi Taro Rice Crackers
7.Ume no kamaki rice crackers with seaweed27.Umaibou Spicy Corn Snack Takoyaki Flavor
8.Makengumi hand-formed gummy bears28.Umaibou spicy corn snack sugar rusk flavor
9. Umaibou snack taste like shrimp mayonnaise29.Umai Tama mini cream puffs
10. Umaibou snack flavor of cinnamon apple30.Shimichoco corn corn snack soaked in chocolate
11. Iron salt chips 12. Home cake Mini cake snack31.Niginigi osushi yasan sushi shaped gummies
12. Home cake mini cake snack32.Melon pandaro melon flavored biscuit
13.Roanne thin light biscuit with vanilla cream33.Pukupuku tai fish shaped airy chocolate with waffle cake bowl
14.Konpeitou flower sugar34.Sakuranbo mochi cherry flavored candy
15.Hello kitty lollipop peach flavor35. Mini Bottle of Ramune Bottled Powder Ramune Candies
16. Wasabinori taro chopped seaweed with wasabi flavor36.Pachi pachi panic cola cola popping candies with carbonated tablets
17. Winnie the Pooh Marshmallow37.Sherbet Pero Lollipop with Soda Flavor and Sugar Powder
18.Fugashi Brown Sugar Fluffy Dried Wheat Sweets38. Poriky barbecue pretzel sticks
19.Kitkat Mini Matcha Flavor39.Kuppy Ramune Small round Ramune candies with orange, lemon and strawberry flavor
20. Un Choco Animal chocolate40.Sour Paper Candy Long Sour Paper Candy Cola flavor

2. Snack box 40:

10x Japanese Kitkat + 10x Candy Bento boxes + 30 more Japanese snacks & sweets
Unfortunately this is currently not available on Amazon! Some things in this box were already in the other one.

Japanese sweets - pictures

Conclusion: Japanese candy box

The snack boxes are fun: if you can meet in a small group and try your way through the boxes together, it's fun to see how other people don't like something or wonder what's inside, since not every sweetness is recognizable from the outside what is inside the packaging.

Most of it tastes quite good, but if you don't like something, it can be more fun for the others. Great as a party mix on a sociable evening;). Put new sweets from other countries in front of your child's nose, it can be fun. Highly recommended as a gift idea!

Tip: Have a Sunday family coffee get-together and have fun!

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