Rowing machine_Sportstech_RSX500_Test-c4d32a07

Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine review | 16 programs for the perfect back training

Dirk Re.

Would you like to strengthen your back and are you considering buying a rowing machine for your home? Then I can help with this review of the Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine.

ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic office chair with headrest - perfect for sitting and working

Dirk Re.

During the home office, the purchase of office chairs increased enormously. The question that arises here is can I buy any chair or what should I specifically look out for? What is important and how do I have to adjust the chair? I speak plain text and give information about what is important.

Bluefin_Fitnessplatte_Rüttelplatte_Vibrationsplatte_Amazon_Ebay_Test_Vergleich_Top10 (4)-d7e3c098

Bluefin vibration plate: lose weight at home

Dirk Re.

I have tested the Bluefin vibration plate and report on my experiences. Read here the best way to lose weight and keep fit.


Massage gun - help against back pain

Dirk Re.

Massage guns are the trend for the home. The massagers relieve back pain and can be used by anyone at home. How good are they really?

Housing, controls

TEST: Siemens vacuum cleaner Q5.0 - model VSQ5X1230 - powerful & quiet

Dirk Re.

The Siemens vacuum cleaner offers high suction power and still vacuums particularly quietly. But what are its strengths and weaknesses? I tested it!


Abox laminator OL381: A comprehensive review of the 5-in-1 laminating set

Dirk Re.

The laminator is called, among other things, very user-friendly. I asked myself whether the device was worth the money, was it worth buying and I tested the device including the laminating foils.

Bosch battery hedge trimmer_Gardena_Markita_TOP-15fd72b5

Test: Bosch cordless hedge trimmer AHS 50-20 Li

Dirk Re.

I have tested the battery-operated scissors and report on my experiences. What is the result and is the quality worth the money?

Coffee machine_Siemens_Display_kaufen-0fe9fa86

Test: Siemens fully automatic coffee machine EQ.9 S500 TI9558X1DE

Dirk Re.

I have tested the Siemens EQ.9 S500 fully automatic coffee machine and report on my first coffee enjoyment.

Bosch cordless grass trimmer_gasoline_Makita-724e66b3

Bosch cordless grass trimmer ART 26 Li

Dirk Re.

I have tested the ART 26 Li cordless grass trimmer, which has been highly praised by Bosch, and provide information about my experiences.

Tefal steam generator iron GV8960 Pro Express Total

Test: Tefal steam generator iron GV8960 Pro Express Total

Dirk Re.

With the Tefal steam ironing station GV8960 Pro Express Total, an iron was designed that should contain the perfect combination of temperature and steam for every type of fabric.