Door lock with fingerprint - Fingerprint Bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

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Door lock with fingerprint - Fingerprint Bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

How they could open doors without a key - fingerprint

Anyone who has ever lost the key, locked themselves out or been the victim of a break-in, may be looking for an alternative to the door key, which has now become almost old-fashioned. Crime is increasing. No question. Experienced burglars can crack a lock on the door in a matter of seconds. Just like the locksmith. Whoever thinks that is Spanish is right. Because if one can do it so well, then another is even better. But not only in terms of security, such a can Fingerprint door lock be far ahead. You are also safe against losing your key or chip card. A door lock with a combination of numbers can also be spied on quickly.

In this guide we have discussed the topic of electronic door locks. What to look out for if you're thinking about buying one. Who a door lock is suitable for and what its limits are, where is the best place to buy it and many other facts worth knowing about door security. – Door lock with fingerprint – Fingerprint Bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

Door lock with fingerprint – Fingerprint Bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

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What exactly is a fingerprint door lock

The iris and fingerprint of a full-grown person are unmistakable. What the authorities have long made use of is now also being used in reverse security. Cell phones have been unlocked with fingerprints for a long time, safes as well as doors.

Biometrics has found its way into private homes and that is not unjustified. In this way, the uniqueness of every person protects against access by unauthorized persons. A laser scans the finger. He compares the data and if they match, the door is opened.

The models bring not only the technology, but also the lock cylinder. It also has a reading terminal, which is usually easily attached nearby. You put your finger in the terminal and he reads the impression.
As a security measure, in the event of a security failure, the digital door lock can also be opened with a replacement. Either with a conventional key or by code.

With some models it is also possible to use an RFID chip. In this variant, the wireless RFID chip is held in front of the door opener. The master key in electronic form, so to speak.

For whom is such a door lock suitable?

Basically for everyone and for every door. Depending on how high your personal or technical security requirements are. These digital door locks are suitable for private use as well as for businesses. Even individual doors in the building can thus be well secured. It does not always have to be the front door. Some manufacturers also offer their systems for garages or gates.

If you want to be absolutely sure, you can rely on complete systems, where you can not only buy the lock, but also the corresponding door. That makes it of course super-safe, but also accordingly more expensive and high-quality and are usually not without installation help from the professional to accomplish.

How is it assembled?

If you choose a wireless model, you have less effort. The differences here lie in the installation. Some products can be quite complicated to install, and sometimes it may not be possible without a specialist. However, smaller systems can easily be installed by a skilled person. In the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests also pay attention to how easy or complicated the installation can be. The reading terminal must also be securely attached. From the weather, from theft.

What else to consider

Despite all the safety and comfort, there are still some things to note that we want to deal with here briefly, because they can not be insignificant. Very important in the beginning is that first the corresponding fingerprints must be read in, nor in the assembly.


Children are in development for years in every respect. Even, as far as the fingerprints are concerned. Until they are about 6 years old, they are not yet reliable. That means simple and tough: Toddlers do not come through this door. Here an alternative must be found. Here are models that can be opened at the same time with a chip system or a key.

When the finger is broken

At the beginning please make sure that you can scan several fingers. So you do not face the problem that if you once

  • has dirty fingers
  • have to wear a bandage or
  • lost a finger

no longer get into his building. Good models can store dozens of different fingerprints. Again, sure is for sure.

Power failure or power loss

The next problem. A blackout. Some cheap devices tend to forget the data or completely give up their mind in the event of a power failure. This is not only unfavorable for the moment, but also in itself. A good memory function is therefore essential. But not only that. Even if all the electricity is gone, you have to get into the building somehow. This can either be done by having a manual option, such as an emergency key in the form of a mechanical key, a code or an RFID chip - or the entire system has an emergency power solution ready.

Legal Information

Of course, owners will not need to seek any approval when installing an electronic or biometric lock. Tenants, on the other hand, do. Here the owner must be asked. Tip: if you have a lot of burglaries in your area or have increased security awareness, you should do some preliminary work. Good arguments usually help to make it credible that the need exists. Even if the tenant has to pay for the system out of their own pocket. Maybe the landlord feels left out.

A good strategy here and there can't hurt to make things palatable to the owner. As a rule, notifying the insurance company does not do any harm either, since it is not a classic door lock, but a retrofitted system.

weather resistance

Some models don't necessarily shine with high quality workmanship and this doesn't just mean the technical aspect, but also the simply mechanical aspect. It is important to pay attention to where the digital door lock is to be used and what weather conditions it will be exposed to. Pay attention to the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests also include suitable lids and covers if necessary.

Pros and Cons – Fingerprint door lock

There are some advantages that we would like to share here:

  • Nobody can acquire a key without authorization
  • a key can no longer be lost
  • even the neighbors or substitutes, can not relocate the key
  • You do not have to spend awkwardly searching for the key with the poor, full of grocery shopping or the youngest sprout
  • security increases noticeably
  • Many memory locations allow many different fingerprints to be read in and thus prevent you from accidentally locking yourself out.

Of course, there are also disadvantages:

  • sometimes awkward assembly
  • high quality systems are more expensive
  • inexpensive ones often have their weak points
  • Small children up to the age of six are excluded
  • Much to the installation and the requirements must be considered

On average, however, everyone can benefit only from a higher level of security, even if the installation here and there somewhat more elaborate.

Where is the best place to buy a biometric door lock?

If you need a secure security check in advance and are not sure which digital door lock is best suited to your requirements, you cannot avoid getting advice from specially trained staff. The advantages and disadvantages can also be discussed here in more detail. In the meantime, there are good offers on the Internet with a price-performance ratio that are easy to order and install. But here you have to be sure that you choose the right product for you and that you are well versed in handling and installation.

Conclusion: Door lock with fingerprint

If you choose a biometric door lock, you are far ahead when it comes to security. Today not only telephones and safes are well protected against unauthorized persons, but also the doors and garages or gates. The burglars are becoming more and more skillful, so it's time to upgrade. If you also think carefully about which system with the fingerprint is the right one for you, you will not only enjoy it for a long time, you will also feel reliably protected and secured. Many small things like losing keys or tedious rummaging are also eliminated.

A device with sufficient storage space ensures that you can program a large number of fingers, including your own 10 fingers. So you are safe there too. You just have to be careful that you find a good solution for small children, that you choose the right material for weather protection, that the price-performance ratio is right, that you comply with the law and that the entire system is supplied with electricity or that you have alternative options .
Time is moving in that direction. More protection, supported by new technologies. - Door lock with fingerprint

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