Sunday, October 25, 2020
Honest tests First inform, then buy!

Kitchen Gadget | Buy Mango Peelers | Top 10

Mangoes are not only very healthy, they are also delicious. Here you can read what you should pay attention to when peeling mango and how you can tell that the sweet treat is already ripe.

Cleaning the oven - the best tips

What is the best way to clean the oven? What options do you have? Chemical club or are there any good household tips? This guide is all about the clean oven.

Test: StyleCare Prestige | Automatic curling iron

You find a conventional curling iron unwieldy? Then with the StyleCare Prestige (automatic curling iron) from Philips you are exactly on the right way to your perfect curls. Here is my review! Have fun while reading.

Guidebook: Einkochmachine | Make it durable

Today we explain the Einkochautomat, what you can do with it all, what you should pay attention to the Einkochautomat and the first recipes and instructions come to it.

Guidebook: pressure cooker | Wool steam pot

In this pressure cooker guidebook we present you the operation, what you should consider, whether the pot is allowed in the dishwasher and why the wool steam cooker is our favorite.

Test: iRobot Roomba 980 vs. Xiaomi Roborock S6

Vacuum robots are more and more on the rise and because I think so to use, I ordered 2 vacuum robot to test. Here you will learn my purchase decision.

Guide: Coffee machines | Coffee at the push of a button

This buying guide is about your automatic machine for the home. What you should consider when buying depends on which coffee drinker you are. Whether it is only coffee that the coffee maker can make. Or can he more? How to integrate your milk most tastefully. Can you actually make cocoa with a coffee machine?

Guidebook: Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuum Cleaner

The trend is for vacuum cleaner robots that just work when you're not there. Very comfortable. Very easily. This guide is about the miracle weapon robotic vacuum cleaner.

Dehydrated Dairy Dehydrated Fruits

Advice for Dehydrators. In this you will learn how a dehydrator works, what options you have, what you should consider when drying and what you can - or not - dry. Have fun !

Ice machine with compressor - making ice yourself

We stay cool in this guide. Ice cream makers for the kitchen? What types of ice machines are there? Which varieties of ice cream can you make? Ice cream machine with or without compressor? What should you look for when buying? Ice cream machine with or without compressor?