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inflatable hot tubs

Inflatable hot tubs

A little luxury, even if you do not have your own garden or just a very small one? A hot tub is great! Laue winter evenings in the water enjoy, maybe you have before grilled and you are now at the Cocktails arrived. Pure relaxation in your own whirlpool - in your own four walls. Whirlpools are almost dutifully part of a summer party.

In this Guide we will explain everything about inflatable whirlpools to you. What it consists of, what options you have, where it can and may stand, what you can look for in the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests should pay attention and what the advantages and disadvantages are. – Inflatable hot tubs

Inflatable whirlpools - in comparison

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398,95 €549,99 €Check price499,95 €Check price499,95 €Check price379,99 €999,99 €1.061,96 €
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How does an inflatable hot tub work?

An inflatable hot tub requires a power connection. These are used to drive the circulation pump and also the massage function. The pool has a filter and cleaning system. The rest: to inflate. With it he brings decisive advantages to a permanently installed pool - and also some disadvantages.

** Inflatable hot tubs are available for indoor and outdoor! One for outside, you can of course also use for inside. You do not need that much space. **

Difference to the solid Jacuzzi

A solid hot tub is made of acrylic, plastics and stainless steel. He is accordingly heavy and once set up, he remains where he is. At least most. For this he can stay in the winter (after the maintenance and care) also on site. In some cases one would have to say: he has to. All this does not necessarily bring benefits, but makes itself felt quickly in the price. A fixed Jacuzzi costs three times that of an inflatable pool.

Who is an inflatable hot tub suitable for?

Why you should buy an inflatable hot tub? And where to go? Here are some ideas:

  • allotment
  • Camping holiday
  • Roof terrace
  • (Loadable) balcony
  • company party
  • Basement
  • Conservatory
  • garden
  • Events

The inflatable whirlpools can also be stowed quite well again. And you have to clean the solid pools too.

** Please note, most pools can be used up to plus 4 degrees **

Whirlpool for health

Is your own pool just fun or can it even bring you health benefits? Yes, definitely, he can!
The hot tub can:

  • Improve your circulation
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Joint and muscular complaints may subside
  • Heat promotes purification
  • Toxins are excreted
  • Stress can be reduced
  • Relaxation and thus improved sleep are possible
  • Comfortable warmth of your body
  • Hydromassages stimulate the metabolism in addition

** Talking about purifying: did you know how good an infrared sauna can do? Infrared has the advantage that the heat goes directly under the skin and warms you from the inside. Look forward to ours Infrared Sauna Guide at!**

Goethe was also an enthusiastic swimmer. He said that the water and the movement in it help against depression. He may not have been so wrong. Humans bob around 40 weeks in warm amniotic fluid. There the world was still okay - or should it at least be. People also love to sit by the sea. Water exerts a magical attraction on us. Why that is so, the science could not find out exactly. But the water and heat against all sorts of ailments and "aches and pains" helps, on the other hand.

Amenities inflatable hot tub

What brings an inflatable pool with it? Of course, the equipment changes depending on the price range. Round, square or oval - depending on what you like the most. The inflatable jacuzzi is by no means lacking in colors and shapes. Let's see what options you have:


Different diameters and heights and you have a water capacity. Water is equal to weight! Of course, if you want to put your jacuzzi on a rooftop terrace or on your balcony, the ground must be able to stand the pool.
The height of the pool is different, but in most cases it settles between 66 and 71 cm. For large pools that are over 2 meters long, that can easily be over a cubic meter of water. Up to 6 persons (attention: with persons also children can be meant) find place in an inflatable pool.


PVC is the most popular material, sometimes it is also combined with synthetic leather. PVC is sensitive to the sun. It does not fly right around your ears, but the UV radiation makes the material porous.

massage function

It must necessarily! Hydrojets are the special nozzles that massage you during your bath. Numerous smaller air nozzles provide a pleasant bubbling experience. Depending on the pool, the number varies considerably.

** To treat you even more, you can also do a waterproof one massage mat Take with you in the pool or choose a room scent of your choice. **

Automatic filling

Practical if your jacuzzi has an automatic inflation function. That's the case with most products. For safety's sake, look again, if that's the case with your desired pool.


The pools all bring with them a heater that heats up to 40 degrees. This is harmless to you and also to the materials.

** Indoor or Outdoor Jacuzzi? There are different pools for both variants. Of course, you can also use the outside for outdoor use - pay attention to the manufacturer's information **

Special features and accessories

For the higher quality pools, you can choose a few special features:

  • Kalkschutzsysthem
  • Saltwater suitable
  • LED lighting
  • soil Conservation
  • Pillow
  • Cup holder
  • mounts
  • Pavillions
  • sunroofs
  • stairs
  • Seat cushions
  • Entertainment stations
  • Foot baths
  • Bath additives and
  • a bath duck!

What you should pay attention to buying at the inflatable jacuzzi

What should you watch out for when you get the pure pleasure inside or outside your four walls?

  • How many people should the spa be?
  • How hard can he become (consider the volume of water)
  • Which accessories should / should be included?
  • How much money do you want to spend on this?
  • Do you have a straight and clean surface?

With the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests In itself it is not done. You would have to clean it from time to time so that your paradise does not turn into a germ hell. A normal house socket is enough to supply your pool with electricity. He needs it so that he can heat and circulate the water. How much electricity it requires depends on the size of the pool, how often you use it and how high your electricity price is. For this reason we have not gone into consumption as it varies so much from person to person.

Care of your inflatable hot tub

Well, you should make a little effort already. Otherwise it will quickly become unhygienic. Good thing the whirlpool cleaning is not a rocket science! There are care sets that you can buy. Make sure the kit is approved for the material your pool is made of. Usually this is PVC.


Much already makes the pump. You should clean it once a day. This will prevent constipation and things from accumulating in the pump, causing bacteria to form. You can also buy a filter that is antibacterial for your pump. The cartridge of your pump should be replaced more often (according to the manufacturer's instructions).

The surfaces can be wiped with special PVC vinyl cleaner if stubborn stains have formed. Under no circumstances should you go with sharp cleaners to the plastic. With little pollution, a mild soap and a soft cloth that can be made of microfiber are sufficient in most cases.

** Do you have a swimming pool? Then one could automatic pool vacuum robot be something for you! **


The water needs a certain pH. You can measure and align this. This value should zwischen 7,2 und 7,6 be. At the same time that protects against lime.
Every few weeks, the water should be changed. This is relatively easy, because your pool has a drain valve.


Winter is in the door or you do not need your pool anymore, storage is in order. Drain water, wipe clean, let it dry. The pool must be absolutely dry, otherwise it will lead to mold growth, The same is important for the pump. Dismantle as much as possible and let it dry well. Store your spa in a dry place.

Pros and cons of inflatable hot tubs

Does not it matter if it's a fixed or an inflatable hot tub? With a portable pool you simply have more options, even if the performance is not that high. What else is there?

Disadvantages of inflatable hot tub

✘ They do not last as long as fixed pools
✘ And usually have less power
✘ They can get a considerable weight and are therefore not necessarily suitable for all surfaces
✘ PVC does not tolerate harsh cleaning agents and is otherwise more sensitive

Advantages of inflatable hot tub

✔ Of course, the cost of purchasing is significantly lower
✔ You can build your pool where you like it and
✔ just dismantle it if you do not like it anymore
✔ You can effectively do something for your health
✔ And the pools are already available in very large sizes
✔ There are all sorts of gadgets that can give you even more relaxation
✔ And a lot of accessories
✔ The care is easy
✔ The pools are easy to store

Conclusion - inflatable whirlpools

A whirlpool is not only a lot of fun, good for your health and in contrast to a permanently installed whirlpool also very flexible. You can make it back and forth as you please. You can buy a lot of accessories. You get good sets to keep it pH neutral and clean. You get it for 2-6 persons. And if you do not need it in the winter, you can either store it or you can get a seat in your basement. Then you can also use it indoors.

What prevents you from setting up a wellness spa at your home? Maybe with an infrared sauna? You could also treat yourself to a wonderfully effective massage lounger, which you then put in your spa bath. Not only did you create a little vacation for body and mind, but you can also let yourself be kneaded.

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling inflatable whirlpool products 2024 on Ehrliche Tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect inflatable whirlpool product for your needs now!

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Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are happy with the inflatable hot tub product.

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