Greenhouse: Possibilities and tips for greenhouses in the garden

Greenhouse: Possibilities and tips for greenhouses in the garden
Aluminum greenhouse with foundation exposed to the weather

Advice: Set up the greenhouse in the garden

Own cucumbers and tomatoes, salads or chilli? Own vegetables are usually not only much healthier, the hobby garden can also save you some costs for fresh vegetables. So if you have your own garden or allotment, sooner or later you may be asking yourself whether such a warm house is worthwhile for you. Or you want a greenhouse and don't really know what for? What size should it be, which material is most suitable, whether a prefabricated kit is better than DIY? You can find out whether you need a foundation and which accessories turn out to be useful in our greenhouse guide. - Greenhouse: possibilities and tips for your greenhouse

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Greenhouse - in comparison

Deuba Beistell aluminum greenhouse 3,65m³ with foundation 192x127cm greenhouse garden house cold frame plant houseinformationCOSTWAY cold frame raised bed planter planter greenhouse greenhouse cold frame box garden balcony made of wood (100x65x40cm, light brown)informationecosoul greenhouse film garden film UV4 film tunnel cold frame tomato house greenhouse film in 8m width selectable (1)informationZelsius - aluminum greenhouse, garden greenhouse in various sizes, with twin wall sheets, optionally with steel foundation frame (190 x 250 cm - 6 mm sheets, without foundation)informationSekey Tomato Greenhouse Tamara XL, Tomato Tent Foil Greenhouse Greenhouse Tomato House Greenhouse with roll-up door cold frame 198x81x170 cminformationFoil greenhouse 200x77x169cm greenhouse for tomatoes, greenhouse with roll-up door PE gridinformationZelsius - aluminum greenhouse, garden greenhouse in various sizes, with twin wall sheets, optionally with steel foundation frame (190 x 310 cm - 6 mm sheets, without foundation)informationwolketon 14x polycarbonate hollow chamber web plates (60.5 x 121cm) 4mm | 10,25 m² double wall slab for greenhouse, garden greenhouse replacement slabsinformation
Aluminum greenhouse: The Deuba brand greenhouse consists of anodized aluminum profiles and thermally insulating hollow-wall washers. The weather-resistant aluminum provides an extra ...【Selected fir wood】 This cold greenhouse is made of high-quality fir wood, which has been painted with outdoor paint, and therefore offers a long durability and retains ...highly UV-stable and extremely tear-resistant; This plastic film can also be used as: tomato film, cover for garden furniture, protective film, rectangular pool cover, for tomato greenhouse, ...A paradise for plants: the sun shines through the cover and offers a warm and humid environment. Keeps insects and small animals away. Your tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants grow in ...The greenhouse has a total size of 200x77x169 cm➤ 【ADVANTAGES】 - New type of plate, specially designed for greenhouses, 4mm thick multi-wall sheet made of polycarbonate (PC), protection against solar radiation thanks to the UV-coated plate, ...
High stability: The galvanized steel foundation provides additional stability for your greenhouse. Due to the foundation, your greenhouse is stable and at right angles. The foundation...【Absorbs sufficient sunlight】 The use of transparent polycarbonate for the windows of the greenhouse ensures that your plants in this cold house will always ...Color: initially with a greenish-blue cast (the color fades in the sun and the film becomes transparent)Stable, robust and safe: The double processing made of polyester ensures a long service life. The environmentally friendly 0,5 PP plugs are non-toxic, robust and durable. The galvanized ...Quick and easy to set up thanks to the practical plug-in system➤ 【SIMPLE ADJUSTABLE KIT】 - Easy installation, If the dimensions do not fit, simply cut the plates with a cutter knife / carpet knife.
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What is a greenhouse for?

Glass house

Depending on the size, you can Glass house not only get you through the vegetable year well - it is also suitable for wintering and growing different plants. Species of cabbage such as kohlrabi or broccoli, salads and leeks can be wonderfully preferred in a greenhouse before they can be brought outdoors after the ice saints. Chilli, tomato and cucumber, for example, like to stay in the house all year round, while heirs and potatoes as well as carrots and onions are absolute goers.

The more vegetables you can grow yourself, the less you have to buy. And much of what is left of the kitchen can be brought back to life. It starts with a sprouted potato, leeks can be harvested again and even dried corn can be planted. So two things are worth it: saving costs and growing delicious vegetables without chemicals. It tastes a lot better.

Greenhouse what size?

To determine the ideal size for your greenhouse, you should be roughly aware of how much of which plant you want to grow. Tomatoes and cucumbers take up a lot of space - you might not need 10 plants for that either.

The height is also important - after all, you don't want to crawl in it with a crooked back and if the house is high enough you don't have to cut the tomatoes so early. Sometimes they shoot and literally go through the roof.

Hanging shelves can be used for growing - this saves space. 14 sqm garden shedwhich at least 1,60 cm high is enough on average to add a few treats to a family of four. Shelves for greenhouses

** Too many tomatoes or other vegetables? Everything you need to know about boiling down can be found in our Preservation guide **

Greenhouse material

When you buy a greenhouse, you don't really have a choice when it comes to the frame material, which in most cases is for Aluminum greenhouses. This is stable, but can still be processed easily. It is durable and long lasting. It is often very humid in a greenhouse - aluminum can withstand this without rusting.

Another option is Acrylic : This does not have to be deleted either, but it is not as high-quality as aluminum. So if you can choose the frame, choose aluminum.

But what about the covering?

Glass greenhouse

Glass is and remains a classic. It is easy to clean and the sun cannot bleach or damage glass. In addition, glass shines beautifully in the garden - glass looks very noble when it is cared for. However, glass is heavy: until at 20 kg / m² can be included.

Single glass

Even if the sun cannot damage the glass, soccer balls do. Glass is also not flexible - if the greenhouse surface moves, the glass may crack. Falling branches in a storm? This can also destroy a single glass. Other disadvantages: Glass alone hardly insulates at all, but a single glass greenhouse heats up enormously in the midday heat.

Only pull vegetables from spring and summer? Then a single glass greenhouse is sufficient. It can also be upgraded with a little effort: Special heat protection nets help against the midday heatIf you want to protect insensitive plants in winter, you can, for example, help yourself with insulating film or dimpled film. It doesn't look that nice, but it does the job.

safety glass

The next stage: safety glass. Now soccer balls and falling branches are becoming uninteresting, as is hail. The glass is a little more expensive, but it can be worth it. You don't need to replace a glass. The Light transmission is almost 100% given, despite 3 mm thick discs. It is as easy to maintain as normal glass and also looks chic.

insulating glass

Another option is special insulating glass. This consists of two layers of glass, with carbon dioxide processed in the middle. This is complex to manufacture and correspondingly expensive. This is not really worth it for home use and those who only order the greenhouse for a certain period of the year are more likely to shy away from the high costs.

Cold frame double greenhouse made of aluminum, 100x120x40cm, lockable roof, weatherproof
The greenhouse has a total size of 100x120x40 cm; Quick and easy to set up thanks to the practical plug-in system

Plastic greenhouse

In contrast to glass, plastic weighs: almost nothing. It is about five times lighter and therefore has a weight of 4-5 kg ​​/ m². The insulating ability is higher with plastic. The disadvantage: If the plastic is attacked, scratched, rough, dirt and small mosses can settle in it. Blind panes barely allow sunlight through and this damages the growth of the plants. Another important point: the UV resistance! This information can be found at the manufacturers.

Double and triple-wall sheets

The general rule:

  • Many layers - less light
  • This also applies to the distance between the webs. The closer they are, the less light can pass through
  • Coatings can also swallow the light


Plexiglas has good light transmission and insulates very well. Unfortunately, this plastic is very susceptible to the weather and it may be that the plexiglass has to be replaced after a few years.


Acrylic sheets for the greenhouse are very stable and durable, but swallow 20% light. The older they get, the less light can reach the plants in the greenhouse.

Plastic greenhouse vs. Glass greenhouse

In the comparison, this means:

The Glass house Glass is easy to clean, it is stable and has a high level of light transmission, and it also looks classy. But it is heavy and special glasses are correspondingly more expensive.

The Plastic greenhouse is light, cheap and better isolated. It is sensitive to this and often does not look nice.

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Greenhouse finished or DYO?

If you want to venture into your own greenhouse, there are of course many more options available to let your own ideas flow into it. Depending on the point of view of the house, the materials and the necessary preparation, a self-made greenhouse does not necessarily have to be cheaper. Here too, for example, wood and greenhouse film, nails and the material for the foundation must be purchased. Finished Foil greenhouses are popular too.

Greenhouse foundation

Greenhouse with foundation
Greenhouse built on a foundation

With or without a foundation? A foundation often not only improves stability, but, anchored deep enough in the ground, can also keep burrowing animals out of the greenhouse. For a glass greenhouse, which is rather inflexible, only the safety should be built. If the house warps, the glass plates can crack under pressure. Soil moves: depending on the dryness or wetness and temperature, the soil works continuously.

Greenhouse accessories

There are some accessories for the greenhouses:

  • Shading nets: If necessary, the nets are simply placed over the greenhouse and can keep up to 60% of the sun
  • Plant holder: Practical plant holders are clamped in the rails of the sides of the greenhouses and tomato plants can now be attached to them, for example
  • Rank network: Trellis nets inside the greenhouse help that the plant can stand on larger areas
  • Irrigation: Irrigation can be built into the greenhouse, making manual watering unnecessary
  • Climbing poles
  • Greenhouse heating to keep temperatures
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Of course there are clips or spare parts to buy.

Buying a greenhouse

What should you pay attention to when buying a greenhouse?

  • Stand: Your greenhouse needs light and the best possible sheltered place
  • How much do you want to grow?
  • Plastic or glass? Both materials have advantages and disadvantages
  • Or would you rather build it yourself?
  • Would you like to overwinter plants in the greenhouse?
  • How much money do you want to spend?

The list is actually very clear!

Greenhouse advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a greenhouse?

Greenhouse benefits

✔ You can grow part of your own vegetables yourself
✔ You generally don't need a building permit
✔ You can also use the house to overwinter plants
✔ Or for growing
✔ Greenhouses last for many years

Greenhouse disadvantages

✘ You have to take care of it
✘ It needs a good place
✘ Maybe a foundation

Reading tips: Pool maintenance in the gardenSolar shower in the garden

Conclusion: greenhouse in the garden

Delicious fresh vegetables - cultivation - wintering. A greenhouse needs a bit of space and then the right one. But it's worth it. For about 400 euros you can get a great greenhouse that will accompany you for the next few years. If you convert that, how much money can you save by growing your own groceries? You can also build your own greenhouse or lay a foundation. If you place your greenhouse directly next to your house, it stays warmer even at sub-zero temperatures and can defend itself against frost. A windless place protects against cooling. Enjoy your garden!

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Recommended greenhouse - top 10 top seller list

The most popular greenhouse products Greenhouse offers with discount to save

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BRAST greenhouse aluminum with stainless foundation 250x190x195 green 6mm plates aluminum greenhouse glasshouse tomato house
  • In addition to 3 colors and different lengths and widths, you can choose between 3 different heights 195cm, 205cm and new and completely ...
  • Our models have built many additional roof gable reinforcements, roof struts and wall profile reinforcements, so that our greenhouses in ...
  • Our BRAST greenhouses are equipped with 6mm twin-wall sheets, which make your greenhouse particularly temperature-resistant and excellent against ...
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TecTake 800416 - greenhouse 190x185x195 cm, stable frame construction made of anodized aluminum - various models (with foundation | No. 402472)
15 Reviews
TecTake 800416 - greenhouse 190x185x195 cm, stable frame construction made of anodized aluminum - various models (with foundation | No. 402472)
  • The sturdy aluminum greenhouse with TecTake foundation gives you plenty of room to grow and grow fruit, vegetables and many more.
  • By the own greenhouse effect you achieve best breeding possibilities.
  • Against weather influences such as wind, rain or hail and also extreme solar radiation, as well as against bird damage, protect the garden greenhouse your ...
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Zelsius aluminum greenhouse for the garden 310 x 190 cm | 6 mm plates | Versatile use as a greenhouse, tomato house, cold frame and ...
  • STABLE IN EVERY WEATHER | Our stable garden house defies wind and weather! It is equipped with a refractive and UV-resistant ...
  • VERSATILE USE | The greenhouse can be used both for the cultivation of various types of vegetables and herbs, as well as for rearing or ...
  • QUALITY QUANTITY | We firmly believe that the quality of a product is everything. That's why we stick to our ...
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BRAST greenhouse aluminum with steel foundation L430xW250xH235cm 6mm panels many additional struts 2 sliding doors 6 windows 19,7m³
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  • In our model, we have installed many additional roof gable reinforcements, roof struts and wall profile reinforcements compared to the competition, ...
  • Please compare! Our BRAST greenhouse is equipped with 6mm hollow panels, which make your greenhouse particularly temperature-resistant and ...
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Palram Mythos 6X8 Greenhouse - UV - Protected Polycarbonate Roof & Aluminum Frame, Including Foundation Frame - Green, 6 x 8
164 Reviews
Palram Mythos 6X8 Greenhouse - UV - Protected Polycarbonate Roof & Aluminum Frame, Including Foundation Frame - Green, 6 x 8
  • Optimal conditions for the best possible results - Create the best conditions for your flowers and plants. Build your own cucumbers, ...
  • Double-walled polycarbonate perfectly retains heat, insulates and evenly scatters sunlight - for sensitive plants
  • Robust roof with sun protection - 4 mm double-walled polycarbonate roof panels block up to 99,9% of UV rays and diffuse sunlight, ...
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Palram Hybrid greenhouse, green, 186x185x208 cm
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Palram Hybrid greenhouse, green, 186x185x208 cm
  • OPTIMAL CONDITIONS FOR BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS - Create the best conditions for your flowers and plants. Build your own cucumbers, ...
  • PERFECT COMBINATION - Diffuse sunlight from above, for optimal plant growth and crystal clear side walls to show the results
  • STRONG ROOF WITH SUN PROTECTION - 4 mm double-walled polycarbonate roof panels Block up to 99% of UV rays and diffuse sunlight, ...
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The greenhouse book for beginners and advanced - heating, furnishing, lighting, wintering, cultivation, sowing
  • Palmstierna, Inger (Author)
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HaGa® bubble wrap 1,5m x 20m - 3-layer dimpled film for greenhouse - UV-resistant thermal film - greenhouse film
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  • FOR SENSITIVE PLANTS: You can protect your plants in the garden, such as palm trees, olive or citrus trees, from the cold with the insulating film ...
  • SAVE HEATING COSTS: The 3-layer thermal film helps you to reduce the heating costs in your greenhouse by up to 50%. Thanks to the bubble wrap ...
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IKEA SOCKER greenhouse in white
Glasshouse; Assembly required; Width: 45 cm; Depth: 22 cm; Height: 35 cm; Frame material: steel, polyester-based powder coating; Other parts:...
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IKEA SOCKER greenhouse in white
Glasshouse; Assembly required; Width: 45 cm; Depth: 22 cm; Height: 35 cm; Frame material: steel, polyester-based powder coating; Other parts:...
23,63€ -0,63 € 23,00€

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