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Warm wax device for hair removal

Warm waxing device Top 10 - waxing offers some advantages compared to shaving or a depilatory cream, but is not suitable for every skin and not for every person. When it comes to caring for the legs, armpits, face and intimate area, there are various requirements for the respective product. Depilation with wax can be painful. Cold wax is less effective. Warm wax has distinct advantages. We have put together the advantages and disadvantages of hot waxing. Also which product and which warm wax device is suitable for which body region. There is an overview of the different hot wax devices and what they are suitable for. These devices are also called wax heaters or wax heaters.

But first: What is warm wax anyway?

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Warm wax for the skin - and then?

In contrast to cold wax, warm wax is generally more skin-friendly. But takes longer and is more elaborate. Both methods work in the same way. Wax is applied to the skin and then jerkily removed with a piece of fleece. It sounds as painful as sticking a patch on your hair around a wound. The difference: The wax removes the hair at the root and lets it sprout again after at least three weeks. Cold wax, however, is relatively time-saving, it is already finished in the drugstore. The method is the same. Warm up in your hand and off you go.

It irritates the skin but more, which can lead to unsightly pimples and skin irritations. Heat on the other hand expands and relaxes. The warm wax surrounds the individual hairs very thoroughly. The fact that the skin is relaxed, it is not so irritated. For many with sensitive skin a decisive advantage.

The warm wax consists of beeswax or resins, which are often put together in studios. "Sugering" is also part of it, the method is the same, only the paste is based on sugar instead of wax. The hairs to be removed must be 5-6 mm long so that the wax can grip them properly. The warm wax is applied with a spatula or roll-on and a fleece is applied against the direction of growth. Wait a moment and ... pull off suddenly. Can this be done on every part of the body?

Warm growing of the legs

Works well in most cases and is relatively safe. The legs are also in contrast to the other parts of the body less sensitive to pain, and you also get your very own turn. With a little practice, this is easy to do at home and with special equipment relatively effortlessly.

Warm waxing of the armpits

This skin is already sensitive. Those who endure, but also gets along well here. Since the armpits secrete a lot of sweat and are little ventilated, good aftercare is important. Otherwise, the spots can easily ignite. Use deodorant sparingly and preferably without alcohol. The alcohol otherwise provokes too much.

Warm growth in the face

It gets harder here. The common feature is that women who suffer from increased hair growth are also confronted with the problem that the skin on the face can be sensitive. Just grow up and then after business dinner usually leaves. The skin turns red quickly and it just looks "ugly". But there are special products that are creamier and gentler to the skin of the face. Every woman has to decide on a case-by-case basis how well she tolerates this procedure.

Warm growth of the intimate area

In the bikini area this is usually endured. As far as the whole genital area is concerned, one can confidently turn to studios offering the so-called "Brazilian Waxing". Here you are in experienced hands, the whole procedure takes only about 25 minutes and there are no embarrassing incidents.


There is the right wax for every body part, even for the man, if he should decide against his chest or back hair. The aftercare is at least as important for the skin to regenerate. If the skin is already irritated, the growth is eliminated. Otherwise, cream well, if possible use no sun and no chemical additives. Exfoliating before waxing, after waxing a nourishing, as natural as possible lotion, also help the skin to feel comfortable.

Since there is the right wax for every body part today, it is necessary to have a good overview of which product is most suitable so that warm waxing does not end in a painful trauma. The good news, the more often you use this method, the finer the hair will grow back. Also they will become less.

The hair length must not exceed the length of 2 cm. Otherwise it is too much again. The perfect preparation also includes a peeling. With that, the excess skin cells are gone and the pores are cleaned. But if you have sensitive skin, you should not put peeling and waxing on one day, it can quickly be too much for the skin.

In the next part we will focus on that Hot wax machines of the different manufacturers. These are suitable for the different parts of the body and intended for household use. There are differences not only in the price, but also in the overall structure. Hard wax, warm wax, sugarpaste, and wax pearls are used for this procedure. The differences between the different waxes follow below.

Warm wax heater / wax warmer

The heaters are available either as a kind of pot by heating the wax to the ideal temperature. Removable trays allow easy handling. Some products come with the right roll-ons and special cartridges. The wax is automatically warmed up in the heater and can then be used immediately. The type of wax used differs from device to device, so in some combination devices, sugering pastes can also be warmed up and made usable. They are simply connected to the house power and are very easy to use. Set the temperature, put the wax in, press "Start".


  • regardless of cartridges or cartridges what
  • own recipes allows
  • averages 800 ml wax
  • more suitable for frequent users
  • every wax and every application possible


  • more things are needed like spatula
  • The device needs more space and more energy
  • very different manufacturer models with different possibilities

Warm wax roll-on devices

There are practical systems here. The wax is simply placed in the roll-on and this heated appropriately on the station. 20-30 minutes later, the wax is ready for use and can be applied to the skin. Now the fleece, which is usually with in the pack, set against the direction of growth of the hair, then smooth out several times. The fleece should survive a bit so that you can touch it well.

Pull the skin smooth and jerkily pull it off with a quick and even movement - done. The volume of these roll-ons is 50-100 ml, since this may be a little bit, manufacturers already offer heaters that can heat three roll-ons at the same time. The price starts from around 20 euros for the simple devices and in most cases includes a starter kit with wax and fleece. But be careful here, not every kit has the right wax for the desired skin or the suitable head for application.


  • easy application of the wax there
  • no spatula or spatula required
  • compact system
  • is sold by the manufacturers as a complete set
  • suitable for every skin type
  • good in the bikini area
  • the armpits
  • the arms and
  • the legs


  • you are bound to a system or product
  • low volume or
  • more often Welcheln the smaller Roll-On`s

Three different waxing methods are the most common. These three can be used for different body regions. Which are and for what, a small overview.

Hard wax / hot wax

The hard wax is available in one piece or in special cartridges that can be warmed up either in the devices provided or in the normal heater. Hot wax is good for the face, underarms and bikini area. The male breast hair also can least resist the hot wax. The remnants of hot wax are best removed with oil.


Must also be warmed up, but must not be exposed to such a high temperature. To make sugar paste usable, it thus requires a heater, which is necessarily manually adjustable.
Sugar cartridges are also great for the arms, legs and back.
Easy removal of the residues as sugar paste is water-soluble.


Intimate for the face, armpit, legs, bikini line and arms, as the beads not only require less temperature to melt, but are also "creamier" and therefore suitable for all skin types.
There are different waxes in the trade, which have different additives. With chamomile, for example, for especially sensitive skin. Wax that is specially dyed so you can see it better. Or wax with additives that are particularly creamy and are especially suitable for facial hair. Aroma and fragrances are also present. Every consumer can therefore choose from the various options.


Briefly summarized the most important:

  • The hair length should be 4 mm to 2 cm on average so that the viscous mass can hold on well.
  • Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, other methods are suitable
  • Burns are possible
  • it can be painful
  • The entire genital area is particularly sensitive and difficult to reach, so it is difficult to do without help from outside
  • at least 4 weeks of tender skin
  • The hair gets thinner and sparse over time
  • cheaper in the long term, such as shaving, depilatory foam and Co.
  • not suitable for skin that is somehow irritated by wounds or diseases
  • Preschool is just as important as that
  • aftercare
  • The skin is sensitive for a while

Cost and purchase decision

The costs of the respective devices are just as different as the usability. Who likes it compact and ready to go Variant preferred, comes with about 20 Euro use already. Fleece and wax are available for refilling.
If you do not want to spend anything, you can also make the sugar paste in your own home in a pot. Here, just put the fleece on the shopping list.

There are different heads for the roll-ons that make it easier to work on the corresponding parts of the body, depending on the product manufacturer, they are included. For legs, arms, armpits and the bikini line and for trying out, a relatively inexpensive device will certainly be sufficient for the beginning.

If you don't know what to do next, the retail trade also has a number of products to choose from, here you can also touch the product you want and get detailed advice. On the Internet, however, the offers are usually cheaper and if that's enough, the various reviews may be enough. Since the warm wax devices are relatively simple and all work very similarly, there is no need to panic. You can't go very wrong with the warmers.

Conclusion - warm wax device

Anyone who decides on a warm wax machine must first see which parts of the body they need it and how sensitive their skin is. The method may not be suitable for people who are very sensitive to pain. Basically, the devices all work in the same way - they heat the wax or sugar paste to a certain temperature. Here it is worth taking a look at the possibility of temperature regulation. They also differ in terms of price and space. Those who like it simple might opt ​​for a system that offers everything.

A warm wax device with integrated roll-ons that simplify application in contrast to a spatula. Simple wax cartridges are simply put in and applied to the skin with the appropriate head. Professionals may prefer a device that necessarily reaches a certain temperature and offers more capacity. The warm wax devices that exist today are very simple to use, but the procedure can sometimes prove to be hair-raising.

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