Rattan furniture for patio and garden Buying guide

Rattan furniture for patio and garden Buying guide

Furniture made of rattan or poly rattan for home and garden

Rattan is a great resource: It is rattan Wood from palm trees and these palm trees are used in many ways. Sure, there is also rattan different quality levels, as is the case with natural materials. The different parts of the palm trees are installed and intertwined and are very flexible, but stable. What are the advantages of rattan furniture for the terrace? What should you pay attention to when buying? How do you recognize high quality rattan and what are the differences to poly rattan? - rattan furniture

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Rattan furniture - in comparison

ArtLife poly rattan sofa set Lounge Santa Catalina beige-gray - garden furniture set with corner sofa, 2 & table - up to 6 people - weatherproof & stableinformationPolyRattan corner lounge GERMAN BRAND - OWN PRODUCTION - 8 years GUARANTEE on UV resistance - garden furniture dining table high dinning poly rattan aluminum rustproof also reversible adjustableinformationGreemotion Miami Comfort 5-piece rattan lounge set, aluminum, 73 x 192 x 75 cm, gray / anthraciteinformationArtLife polyrattan seating group Fort Myers gray-heathered dark gray covers | 4 people | Lounge rattan look garden furniture set for balcony or terraceinformationArtLife poly rattan lounge Punta Cana L black with cream covers Garden lounge with sofa, armchair & table for 4 - 5 people Seating groupinformationTalfa poly rattan corner sofa lounge in caramel - KosiinformationIHD garden seating group made of acacia wood, FSC-certified, with gray nylon covering in rope lookinformation
✔️ Up to 6 people: poly rattan lounge incl. Large corner sofa, 2 stools, table & pillows for cozy hours in the garden, on the terrace or by the pool; also for indoor in the living room or ...【GERMAN brand】 【100% OWN production】 【8 years WARRANTY on UV resistance is only available from Ragnarök furniture design (elsewhere you will NOT get a guarantee on ...Modern poly rattan lounge consisting of a dining table with Spraystone top, 2 stools & 2 benches that can be connected to form a seating area - benches have a ...✔️ For 4 people: Comfortable poly rattan seating group incl. 2-seater bench, two armchairs and table with glass top for 4 people. Enjoy the summer relaxed in the garden.Polyrattan lounge incl. Sofa, armchair, stool and table with glass top made of safety glassFrame: weatherproofModern garden seating area with space for 4 people; made of acacia wood, FSC-certified; interesting nylon covering with rope look
✔️ Great seating comfort: The 230 × 180 × 82 cm corner bench has a continuous backrest to lean on; 5 seat cushions and 7 back cushions for a soft feeling; 2 stools serve ...【Extremely comfortable, pleasantly thick, hotel-quality cushions】 【High-quality aluminum substructure (very stable & extremely light) Guaranteed 100% rust-free = NO rust stains on your terrace like ...Robust garden furniture with aluminum frame and dark gray polyethylene mesh covered - including cushions and pads (approx. 10 cm) in anthracite made of 100% polyester✔️ Stylish & elegant: garden furniture set with a trendy, modern rattan look for balconies, patios or conservatories. Fits well in your green living room.Garden furniture set with a modern rattan look for balcony, terrace or conservatory - seating area for pleasant hours in your own gardenProperties: sofa elements can be freely positionedWeatherproof materials; stable table with large table surface; comfortable upholstery with removable cushion covers
499,95 € 920,00 € 1.255,52 € statt 1.399,99 €154,94 € 299,95 € statt 389,95 €999,00 € 539,00 €
144,47 €90,00 €
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Use rattan

Rattan furniture
real rattan furniture - no poly rattan

Rattan will be happy for seating, Beds and also Shelves respectively baskets utilized. The long strips of the surface of the shoot are intertwined. For this, they are heated with steam - this makes them nice and smooth. Even some martial arts use the natural material: the fighters use wooden batons. But not every rattan is natural: the poly rattan just looks like this.

What is poly rattan?

Polyrattan is a term for Artificially made material in rattan look. Many become of this material Rattan garden furniture manufactured. It is very durable and water-repellent, has a high elasticity and stability and is a lightweight. It will be a lot Polyrattan intertwined on aluminum bases. This creates an almost identical garden furniture. It is important to note that the furniture is UV and weather resistant. Good manufacturers give more precise data for their products. This can be seen from the ISO 4829 standard.
Positive: The poly rattan is almost completely recyclable.

The term used “Rattan furniture” in this guide, is used in both ways (real rattan and poly rattan). For products, always look exactly what rattan is made of!

Rattan furniture for the terrace

Rattan furniture
Rattan furniture in the garden

Some nice furniture is available for the terrace. Set up in the garden or on the terrace, they make a good impression and high-quality products can also top comfort. It doesn't always have to be one WPC terrace be: Rattan furniture can also be wonderfully set up in a small garden and balconies and roof terraces can also benefit from the "Ibiza flair"!

Rattan lounge corner

Lounge sounds particularly relaxing and that's it: cozy sofas - also corner sofas, a table, armchairs. Depending on the size, several people can sit comfortably in the group. Who one Buy lounge set wants to have at least one couch and a table with them. Large sets also have the matching armchairs or stools. Mostly are too seat cushions with it. If you choose these, it would be good if you could remove the seat cushions and wash them. The tables are of different sizes and sometimes have a glass top - this gives the set an extra chic.

The color selection is large. If you live in nature, when choosing the color you might also consider that pollen in spring and dust in summer visibly settle on black material. The cost of a set varies depending on the equipment and quality of the furniture. Sometimes you can make a bargain and only pay a few hundred euros - however there is no limit to the top.

Rattan armchair

Rattan armchair

Armchairs are needed by almost every garden and they also look fantastic on you pool. You can buy lounge armchairs individually as an element, normal dining table armchairs are available, but what is particularly cool is a Hanging chair! These are already available with stud frames - you don't need to tie them anywhere. These hanging chairs are also available in different colors. Pay attention to Buy hanging chairs please to the specified load. With a beautiful rattan armchair there is sometimes also a footstool. You can relax wonderfully with it.

basket.outlet Lotus Chair Meditation Chair made of Real Rattan / Yoga Seat for Meditation Armchair (Black Brown with Cushion)
Lotus armchair woven from natural rattan material; Incl. insensitive cushion made in Germany (100% polyester)

Bar elements

A high table, four chairs: rattan furniture for long sitting and outdoors grill with grill literally a. If you want to sit reasonably at a table (maybe you even have a minibar?) Then you have come to the right place with a rattan bar.

ESTEXO Rattan garden bar set consisting of 1 bar table with acacia wood table top and 2 bar stools Black
Modern garden bar set, 3 parts; attractive rattan look; Light, stable steel frame; Bar table with acacia wood table top

Rattan coolers

The Stool with integrated cooling compartment keeps your drinks at delicious temperatures for some time. The best thing: in contrast to a refrigerator, the cooling stools do not use any electricity and you can still store many bottles in them.

"Allibert by Keter" side table Ice Cube, graphite, cool box, removable lid, double-walled, plastic, flat rattan look
keeps drinks stored on ice cool thanks to double-walled construction; Capacity about 40 liters

Rattan garden loungers

From the pool under the garden shower and then straight to the garden lounger with a book and drink? If that sounds good to you, it's one Rattan garden lounger the right thing for you. These are comfortable, do not take up much space, but look miles better than ordinary garden loungers. A small table next to it, done.

Rattan sofa

Why not expand your home with an outdoor living room? Even those who have an allotment garden love to be in the garden. There are cozy couches that can accommodate 8 people and more. This is ideal for garden parties - or simply for chilling out in private. Many different editions, for example bright red, make these rattan sofas a feast for the eyes.

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Rattan sun island

Sun islands rattan in many forms is becoming increasingly popular, whether for allotments or a terrace. Chill out and gambol on a sunny island, wonderful.

Rattan furniture care

Real rattan is relatively easy to care for. With clear water (for example from the water hose) you remove the coarsest dust and pollen. After drying, you can do something Leather Care Mix with water in a spray bottle and spray on the rattan furniture. Then with a soft rag, for example microfiber, wipe off. The rattan already shines in new splendor.

Care / rattan care, rattan lacquer, refurbishing protection, colorless-clear from Korbhaus Gesthüsen
refresh refurbish protect; Weather protection in the covered outdoor area; elastic adhesive

Poly rattan can also be left outside in winter - covers that are simply placed over the furniture are suitable for protection.

Rattan armchair
real rattan

What you should consider when buying rattan furniture

The main differences are in quality:

  • Dimensions: If you have a balcony or a smaller terrace, measure carefully before the area looks too squeezed
  • Do you want real rattan or poly rattan?
  • Can your set be expanded if necessary?
  • Can the pads be washed?
  • Do you need covers for winter protection?

Advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture for your terrace

In addition to the visual style, the practical advantages and disadvantages also sometimes decide:

Advantages of rattan furniture

✔ Rattan furniture looks chic
✔ They last for many years
✔ are very easy to care for
✔ Many options are available to you

Disadvantages of rattan furniture

✘ High quality real rattan furniture is more expensive than poly rattan
✘ Real rattan needs more care than poly rattan

Conclusion: rattan furniture

Whether real rattan or poly rattan: Both options are a great alternative to simple garden chairs, garden loungers etc. They are both easy to maintain and extremely resistant and therefore durable.
Good quality has its price, but it will pay off over the years. Bar stools, loungers, couches, sofas and even fridge stools: in the different sizes and colors, you will find your favorite seat under these very special pieces of furniture.

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Recommended rattan furniture - Top 10 top seller list

The most popular rattan furniture products Rattan furniture offers with discount to save

Check these top 10Saleto 50to 100to 250to 500to 1000from 1000eBay *
Topseller 1
COSTWAY 3-part Rattan furniture, polyrattan, garden furniture, garden lounge, garden set, lounge set, garden set, incl.
  • 【Seating set】 The rattan set consists of 2 armchairs and 1 table with glass top and 2 seat cushions, perfect for the garden, balcony, terrace or lounge ...
  • 【High quality material】 Made of rattan, specially developed for garden furniture, this set is dirt-repellent and easy to ...
  • 【Sturdy steel construction】 The powder-coated steel frame makes the rattan set very sturdy and durable.
Topseller 2
ESTEXO polyrattan seating group garden furniture set 6 persons rattan furniture garden set rattan dining set garden table garden chair set (anthracite gray)
  • Modern, stylish poly rattan sofa set; Comfortable armchairs with armrests; Table with extra stable corner connection
  • Including seat pad with zip; Stable table with solid safety glass top; UV and weather resistant material
  • Material: metal frame with woven polyrattan; Material pillow cases: 100% polyester; Table top material: frosted frosted glass (safety glass)
Topseller 3
ArtLife Polyrattan Lounge Punta Cana M for 3-4 persons with table in black with coverings in dark gray | Garden furniture seating group
  • Polyrattan lounge including sofa, stool and table with glass top made of safety glass, balcony furniture for 4 people
  • Garden furniture set for balcony, terrace or conservatory - spend cozy hours in your own garden
  • Dirt-repellent, weatherproof and UV-resistant polyrattan braid in fine black
Topseller 4
"Allibert by Keter" garden lounge set Monaco set, graphite / cool gray, 4 pieces, incl. Seat and back cushions, plastic, flat rattan look
  • Lounge set consisting of 2 armchair, 1 sofa and 1 rectangular table with shelf in natural and open rattan look
  • including comfortable seat and back cushions: gray, approx. 6 cm thickness, polyester
  • Dimensions (L / W / H): armchair: approx. 65 x 63 x 77 cm | Sofa: approx. 129 x 63 x 77 cm | Table: approx. 92 x 59 x 43 cm
Topseller 5
Koll Living lounge set Corsica in anthracite, incl. Seat cushions & back cushions, durable and weatherproof plastic in rattan look, 2 armchair + 1 ...
  • Consisting of 2 armchairs, 1 sofa (2-seater) and 1 table with shelf
  • Plastic in rattan look (weatherproof & easy-care)
  • Supplied with seat cushion and back rest
Topseller 6
"Allibert by Keter" garden lounge set Merano, graphite / cool gray, 4 pieces, incl. Seat cushion, plastic, flat rattan look
  • Lounge set consisting of 2 armchair, 1 sofa with ergonomic backrest and 1 rectangular table in natural and open rattan look
  • including comfortable seat cushion made of poly-cotton
  • Dimensions (L / W / H): armchair: approx. 65 x 67 x 77 cm | Sofa: approx. 129 x 67 x 77 cm | Table: approx. 92 x 59 x 43 cm
Topseller 7
Topseller 8
basket.outlet Rattan armchair Natural Dining armchair Wicker armchair Rattan furniture Rattan armchair Rattan chair with armrests Lounge Wicker armchair (honey yellow, with ...
  • The dining room chairs are each individually packed - with several armchairs we like to send a piece in advance for testing and reserve the rest
  • Wicker chair handmade from nature - made of rattan, perfect also in gastronomy and practice - waiting room chair
  • 60cm / depth approx. 62cm / height approx. 81cm / seat height approx. 51cm (incl. Padding) / height armrests approx. 66cm / seat width approx. 42cm
Topseller 9
Krines Home rattan winter garden set Capri rattan set 5 pieces winter garden rattan set 4 people seating group nature rattan furniture set rattan group ...
  • Classic rattan set made of real rattan in colonial style for 4 people
  • Rattan set made of real rattan material by hand (consisting of 4 comfortable armchairs with cushions and a table with glass top)
  • Stand area of ​​the set approx. Ø 260 cm - for further dimensions, please refer to the product description below
You save 1,00 €Topseller 10
PAKASEPT 16 pieces patio furniture clips garden furniture connector clamps for rattan furniture connection clips for lounge set clips clamps for ...
  • 🌱 POWERFUL FUNCTION: Our outdoor wicker patio furniture clips keep furniture clean and prevent wicker chairs from outside ...
  • 🌱 DURABLE MATERIALS: Made of high quality hard plastic, suitable for two tubes approximately 4-4,1 cm (1,57-1,62 inches) wide. It has...
  • 🌱INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION: Easy to install or remove by hand, no other tools required. To fix the furniture better, ...
COSTWAY 3-part Rattan furniture, polyrattan, garden furniture, garden lounge, garden set, lounge set, garden set, incl.
【Thick seat pads】 Thick seat pads invite you to relax comfortably.
ArtLife Polyrattan Lounge Punta Cana M for 3-4 persons with table in black with coverings in dark gray | Garden furniture seating group
Dirt-repellent, weatherproof & UV-resistant poly rattan weave in elegant black; Comfortable seat and back cushions with washable cushion covers ...
"Allibert by Keter" garden lounge set Monaco set, graphite / cool gray, 4 pieces, incl. Seat and back cushions, plastic, flat rattan look
including comfortable seat and back cushions: gray, approx. 6 cm thick, polyester; made of UV and weather resistant, high quality polypropylene ...
Koll Living lounge set Corsica in anthracite, incl. Seat cushions & back cushions, durable and weatherproof plastic in rattan look, 2 armchair + 1 ...
Consisting of 2 armchairs, 1 sofa (2-seater) and 1 table with storage space; Plastic in rattan look (weatherproof & easy to care for)

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