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Gimbal Crane 3
Gimbal Crane 3

Gimbal tripods - no wobbly jagged videos

Shake-free video recordings are possible. Anyone who is technically well positioned and knows their way around machining, who works professionally or semi-professionally, cannot avoid a tripod. At least not when it has to move. A wobble in the wrong place and bang! The whole video is gone. It doesn't have to be and it doesn't have to be expensive either.

Today we introduce the gimbal tripods. For whom it is suitable, what options are available, what should be considered when buying a tripod, tips for assembly and the advantages and disadvantages are also listed in this guide. For a result that can be seen - and sometimes has to. - Gimbals - Tripod - Top 10

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Check price89,00€109,99€239,00€199,00€Check priceCheck priceCheck price89,00€129,99€
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What is a gimbal tripod?

A tripod is built almost like a normal tripod. Nearly. Because with a tripod, the camera is not permanently mounted on the tripod, it has a cardan bearing. That just means, you "tell" the camera where it has to be and the rest of the world turns with it. The camera now hovers freely in space. Wiggles are history. How is that possible? The principle is not new. It was developed by Philon of Byzantium about 300 years ago BC. Not for a camera, but for an inkwell. Housed in it, it is impossible to knock it over accidentally. China followed suit in 180 bC. Da Vinci thought that was great, for ship compasses.

In the 70s this technology also reached camera enthusiasts. Garret Brown, a cameraman, designed the tripod for his job. In a very classic way, two rings are mounted so that they can rotate into each other at a 90 degree angle. The object is attached in the inner circle. These are also called pivot bearings. That is the basic principle. What is now added is the mass. This is adapted to the object so that it remains stable and is completely protected against external fluctuations and inclinations. In the best case, it now floats in space.


For whom is a tripod suitable?

Actually, such a tripod is suitable for anyone who has to move during the video shoot. At the latest, if it develops in the professional field, one does not come around a hover tripod around it. For what purposes is it suitable?

  • Documentary wedding / wedding dance
  • Action, such as mountain biking, paragliding
  • drone flight
  • children's birthday
  • Live performances
  • Company presentations
  • product presentations
  • Interviews
  • Sports in general

Shallow movements are very well put away by a hover trip, but not so fast. This means that although you now have good technical equipment with such a tripod, you still have to practice using it. Jogging, for example, puts no tripod away.

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Various possibilities

A tripod is not just a thing, the manufacturer has set itself the task to find the right solution for every requirement. So, over time, some models have evolved:


Some tripods are only supported with GoPro models as they have been tailored to fit. It is controllable with an app and different LEDs support the view. This system is designed for action cameras. But not only the house brand can be installed there, the GoPro also allows foreign cameras.

Gimbal waterproof

A waterproof gimbal is also available. This has no external battery to ensure water resistance.


These tripods have been created especially for smartphones. They have a clip function that attaches almost every smartphone to a professional tripod.

All in One

These systems include both the tripod and the camera. You just take it with you and you do not have to deal with anything. Except for the batteries are charged. Practical for the road and for people who just like to have it.


Gimbal can be big too. The tripods for the DSLR cameras are particularly robust and can also carry 13,6 kilo camera. Either one-handed, or with two handles. That's great, especially at weddings or documentaries, and you do not have to swap your own technique.

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Gimbal 1
Gimbal Crane 3 for heavy DSLRs


Plenty of> accessories make the whole story much more flexible and personal:


Although the tripods weigh only 1-2 kilograms, it is advisable in the long term, especially at events such as weddings, an arm support. Also 2 kilos are noticeable over the hours.


Some gimbal can be put in a belt, so you have not only hands free, but also much less weight to wear. This is distributed to the body. There are also abdominal straps that support reliably.


You can download an app for your smartphone, which allows you not only to make the necessary camera-specific settings, but also to fix an object. That means if you always want to have the bride always keen at the wedding, fix her and the technique will do the rest.

Gimbal borders

Even a gimbal is not a magic tool and finds its limits essentially in two things:

  1. it can only compensate for rotations, no rapid up and down movements. In plain language, this means that no matter what movements are involved, they must be carried out as gently as possible by the tripod holder
  2. the same applies to microvibrations. But the technique is simply not enough to compensate. But special dampers can help here, which can be mounted in between

What you should consider when buying

To be an animal ... yes. Exactly. And so that you do not suffer a bad buy, you should familiarize yourself with the various options even before you buy. High quality is important. Everyone agrees. The prices vary quite a bit and there are no limits. So what should you look for when buying so?

★ How much money do I want to spend, including in terms of my personal use?

★ Do I need something for a documentary or sport or even a flexible solution?

★ Do I already own technology and do I only need the tripod?

★ Do I need shoulder rests or an arm rest?

★ Or a carrying case?

★ Do I want to use the app?

★ Or Bluetooth?

★ How many weights are available and how finely can the tripod be adjusted?

★ Do the mounting systems match the conditions I need? If you have no idea what is right for you, you are advised to be smart in retail. If you know what you want, there are a few bargains to beat on the internet. The numerous customer reviews and videos about the usage also help here.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you only film the birthday party every now and then, you probably do not need such a tripod. Semi - professionals do not get around. We briefly listed the advantages and disadvantages:


✔ You can pay more attention to the subject because you're not busy wiggling

✔ Gimbal comes with many additional features

✔ The pictures are much more professional

✔ Time savings because you do not have to rework It creates the impression that the camera is flying


✘ The total weight is higher

✘ You have to practice and deal with the technology

Tips for the assembly

It is important that the center of the camera that is to be mounted on the tripod is found. The easiest way to tell is to put it on your finger and find the point where it wobbles the least. With most DSLRs this is exactly the point where the lens is attached. This is then the focus of the camera in the following. Now the camera is screwed onto the tripod plate in such a way that the center of gravity is in the center of the plate.

Everything else is fine adjustment. Weights provide the right counterweight. - You can find out what weight is required for which tripod in the manual. Now the length of the shaft is missing. When tilting the shaft, aim for the camera to take 2-3 seconds to return to its original position. This time is great so that the whole sequence of movements looks correspondingly smooth, afterwards, on the video. Basically that was it, there are other smaller settings that differ from model to model.


Everyone who depends on soft and good camera work will love it: the gimbal tripod. It is suitable for ambitious hobby and also for professional cameramen and is available for very different areas. Waterproof, for smartphones, for large cameras, action cameras or as an all in one device. Anyone who deals a little with the technology, with the possibilities and also the limits, will enjoy the possibility of being able to deliver videos in far better quality.

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Neewer hand stabilizer made of carbon fiber, 60 cm, with screw ...
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Rode VideoMicro compact On Camera Microphone - assorted ...
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  • Compact and lightweight (8 cm / 42 g)
  • Plug & Play - without battery *
  • Solid metal housing (aluminum) with scratch-resistant ceramic coating
  • RF shielding against interference
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MOZA Mini S 3-axis collapsible ...
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  • ☞ Extremely foldable: Moza Mini-S makes it easy to store and ...
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Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer, Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus 3 ...
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Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer, Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus 3 ... *
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Camera Stabilizer 4-in-1 smartphone + action camera + ... *
  • ★ The handle is made of plastic, but it allows ...
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  • ★ The mobile phone clamp is built with a rotatable ball bearing and ...
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Zhiyun Smooth 4 Smartphone Gimbal Cell Phone Stabilizer ...
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Zhiyun Smooth 4 Smartphone Gimbal Cell Phone Stabilizer ... *
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Gosgoly Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Cell Phone Gimbal for ...
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BlitzWolf Handy Stabilizer, 3 Axis Handy Gimbal ...
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  • 【Multiple Smart Shooting Modes】 - One Key to a ...
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Ergonomic handle handheld stabilizer smartphone ...
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Ergonomic handle handheld stabilizer smartphone ... *
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