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Grill and meat

Buying guide for grill - Delicious grilled dishes with your new grill

Buying advice for barbecues - The barbecue season starts, almost hectically, with the gardening season. Just thinking about freshly grilled meat, cheese or vegetables will make your mouth water. Grilling over an open fire has something primeval, communal. People rarely go hunting anymore - but grilling has somehow stuck in our genetics over the millennia. Crackling fire, juicy food. The smell of hunting success. Smoked meat. Beef, pork, chicken or tofu animal. It has to be fresh and juicy. Tastily seasoned and crispy. Now the right grill is missing.

This buying guide for grills article deals with the different options for grilling, what you can find in the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests should consider whether there are legal regulations and we will generally look at the various options. – Buying guide for grills – Delicious things from the grill with your new grill

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Buying guide for grill - delicious grilled dishes with your new grill - in comparison

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Overview - Grill Purchase Advisor

Basically, these grills are available:

In these variants there are the different variants to buy.

Each grill has one Ruston which the food is placed and below it is either the embers, heating rods or gas flames. Each grate is either height adjustable or has a regulation of heat.
The materials are and must be refractory, but a mix is ​​possible.

The charcoal grill

Let's start with the classic. The Charcoal grill. It works completely independently. Here you can still grill properly, with experience and without technical "Shishi". It is for real men - and women - who have mastered the fire! Yes, the classic scores with the rating rustic. However, it is not suitable for every location. So you can not always grill in your garden (you can find out more under "Legal" at the end of our sales advisor) and whoever wants to control the fire under the sausages is responsible for the disposal and the embers. Fireproof, should not only be the grill but also yourself.


A charcoal grill with a changing character. You can buy it either with or without cart and wheels, as table Grill have to fold up or as well Schwenkgrill set up in your garden. If you only grill very rarely, you can also have a small one disposable BBQ to buy. But not all are good. Some just do not burn properly. And you also have garbage in the end.


The material must be robust. Various metals are suitable for this, they are not that heavy if you want to transport the grill. At the same time, it must also be easy to clean. With a wire brush you can remove the coarse soot and the burnt soot from the rust relatively easily. For the sake of your health, you should only use chemical cleaners sparingly. Pay attention to the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests also ensure that it is internally stable. It shouldn't be wobbly. You can tighten screws if necessary, but not rivets.

Benefits charcoal grill

Apart from the prestige, a charcoal grill offers some advantages:
For one thing, you are not dependent on gas or electricity. Such a grill is easy to transport and it is already there to work together. This genus is not expensive.

The disadvantages

It takes a long time for it to be usable. The grilled food must first be placed on the grate when a thin layer of ash has covered the coal or briquettes. And when you have finished grilling? Then it must be deleted or be able to dispose of the coal.

Accessories charcoal grill

The most common accessories include (for example, a kettle grill) a corresponding lid, which indicates the approximate temperature. But since this is fire, it can never be said to one hundred percent. It's more of a help to smoken.
Do you have a decent one tongs thinking? Without grilling tongs, the grilled food slips back and forth.
Also make good ones Grill gloves or a BBQ Apron. The grill gloves are great if you have to manually adjust the grill. The apron protects your clothes from grease spatters and ashes.
What you still need, of course, is Grill lighter, Please take commercial lighters. These are made according to DIN CETRO extra for grills.

Then you have everything?

➽ charcoal or briquettes?

Both offer advantages and disadvantages.
Grill briquettes stay hot longer, but they also take longer to be ready for use. Although coal also needs about 20 minutes, but burned up faster.

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The gas grill

A pair of Gas grill is intended only for outdoor use - and it is available in, as the other variants also, in various designs. Main engine is gas. That is practical. It's hot right now and you can control it seamlessly with a controller. However, the connections must be checked well. Escaping gas can be more dangerous in confined spaces and the transport of bottles or cartridges should be ensured.


As with a gas cooker or camping stove, it is available for a one-man meal or for the whole family. More barbecuing can only be achieved by more content. Good gas grills have at least three burners so that the heat can be well distributed.
grills are often collapsible and can be stowed relatively easily and on wheels. Actually, they are almost small complete kitchens, at least in the upper section.


Even a gas grill can contain different materials in a mix. Robust is even more important here. All connections must be secure. Not least because escaping gas can pose a huge security risk. The rust is allowed in cast iron. Cast iron leads the heat fantastically and holds out a lot.
The shelves and handles are at high quality grills and grill stations ever made of fine wood. It has to be stably processed and by nature a hard wood. That endures heat better.

Benefits gas grill

A decisive advantage: flame on, hot and hot. Many cooks swear by gas because it can act the fire. Gas can be turned on, adjusted, turn off. Just because. Fire at the push of a button. But you can do everything with the gas grill. Barbecue and Smoking. So smoking. The temperature is fairly accurate and the flame remains constant.
A grill station can be very large and is ideal for a family celebration.


Gas has to be transported. It is also a hazardous substance that needs to be handled. It is not that cheap and the cartridges and bottles cost a good deposit.

Accessories gas grill

In addition to the obligatory barbecue tongs and the gloves, it can not hurt to have any connections and a second cartridge in the house. There are also pizza stones on which you can bake great. Or a shish kebab? If you want to store your barbecue outside, there are extra protective films that protect against rain and weather. This protects the material. It would be better if you would let your grill in a sheltered place over the winter.

➽ cast iron or stainless steel?

There are differences here. If you want to buy a cast iron grate, you have the advantage that the heat conducts better. Cast iron also gets hotter. With this you get the branding of your meat perfected. You can brush the cast iron a little with oil beforehand. Then it doesn’t burn. Stainless steel is not that hot, but inherently burns less. This is due to the smooth surface. It's also easier to clean.

The electric grill

The Electric grill is often laughed at. Nevertheless: rather an electric, as no. The electric variant is hardly different from a stove. If it is modest outside, you may be able to use it in the kitchen. There is hardly any smoke development.


You have several options here as well, depending on where you want to use your grill. On rolls or to put on a table. But be sure to watch out for a fireproof and level surface!
An electric grill always has a switch that allows you to set the desired temperature. This makes grilling easier.


Again, as with the charcoal grill above, the parts that need to be refractory are made of different metals. Ornaments and handles, small shelves, can and may be made of wood. They are so attached by the manufacturers that they usually can not get hot. But make it easier and more enjoyable for you to change the grill.

Advantages of electric grill

Depending on the model, such a grill can also be used indoors. Please pay attention to the recommendation of the manufacturer. These grills are usually also easier to clean, some even dishwasher safe. Since no ash and coal accumulates, is located in the drip tray under the rust only fat and liquid. That is cleaner. You do not have to wait that long to use the grill. A few minutes and the heating rods have reached the desired temperature.

And its disadvantages

It does not work without electricity. If you're on the road, you need a solution for that too. Maybe a power converter?
Many electric grills have built in plastic. Once that cracks or breaks off, the whole grill can often be thrown away. Therefore, also pay attention to the stability! - Grill purchase advisor

Accessories electric grill

You can get a good barbecue tongs. You do not usually need gloves. If you want to choose an electric grill with smoker, you have two great appliances in one. With some models can also smoke a bit.

➽Why does meat often stew on the grill?

That's because of the proteins. If the grill is still not hot enough, the egg whites in the meat firmly grate on the grate. Therefore, the grill should rather get really hot or brush with oil.

TIP: Before rubbing in the grill with a potato makes it easier to clean the grill after grilling.

Combined devices

If you can't decide at all or want to enjoy all the advantages, there are also combi grills. They are designed so that you can grill with either gas or charcoal and fill a smoker at the same time. - Or everything at the same time.

infrared grill

Infrared works like the sun. That's why the barbecuing succeeds. Fat free. And without that anything else has to be done than turn on the infrared grille. It is often simply as a table grill. You put your barbecue on the planned plates and off you go. Without preheating directly at the dining room table. This is because smoke development hardly ever takes place.

Legal Information

What is allowed and what is not? Not everywhere you can barbecue without hesitation. Sometimes it even stands in the house rules or in the lease, which can actually prevent crickets.
Is there nothing there? Well. You can officially grill from 7: 00 h - 22: 00 h.

If you want to barbecue outside, there are extra designated seats. There is a reason for this because especially in summer open fire sources are more than dangerous. That's why you're not allowed to smoke in the woods in summer.

What to expect from the 2024 bestseller: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests of a grill should be taken into account

A few useful hints in fast-forward:

Offene In summer, open fires can be a great danger
❃ the statutory grill time is limited by 07: 00 h - 22: 00 h
❃ in the house rules or lease are appropriate special regulations
Wind Put your barbecue protected from the wind on a firm and even surface
Auf Pay attention to a GS or DIN EN 1860 / standard for your grill

What you should consider now:

✩ how much money do I want to spend on the barbecue?
✩ How often and for how many people do I use it?
✩ Do I need compatible accessories? If so, which is important to me?
✩ Can I use gas / coal / electric / infrared?
✩ Do I need or would like to transport the grill a lot?
✩ where to go in the winter?
✩ Screws are repairable - riveting is difficult or impossible
✩ Known must be sanded clean
✩ Existing wheels / legs must be stable

Conclusion - purchase advisor for grill

No matter what your heart beats for: for a charcoal grill, for a gas grill or a grill station, for an electric grill or brand new: the infrared grill. Grilling is fun and not unhealthy if you keep a few small things in mind. In this guide - purchase advisor for barbecue, we have explained to you what these are and have given you an overview of the various options. Now it can start! Whether fish, meat, vegetables or cheese, the barbecue season can begin. Maybe you would like to try many new recipes this summer too? Or are you on one Tischräucherofen Interested? There is always something cool to find out! Good Appetite!

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