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Bend your knees - but right. This guide is about your training. Many people have knee problems. Do squats strengthen the entire muscles and joints? Are there people who do better without squats? Which squat machines are suitable for your training? To complete your workout, training your leg muscles is a part of it. Everything about the squat machines and what options you have, how you take care of your knees - and still work effectively on your body. - Squat machine

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Squat machine - in comparison

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79,90€Check price129,88€Check price117,88€759,00€54,99€159,99€149,95€229,00€
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Why squats

When training with squats, also called squat, several muscle groups are addressed:

  • The four-headed thigh muscles (quadriceps)
  • Muscles of the back of the thigh
  • Muscles of the buttocks
  • The lower back
  • The hip flexor

Some exercises also target the calves, higher parts of the back and the abdominal muscles. This makes the squat excellent if you want to do something for all of your lower muscles.

Stress on cartilage and joints during squats

The knee is strained with every step. However, some sports, such as jogging, put more strain on injured knees. What about the squats? Here you can take a closer look: One burden does not automatically mean one overloading . Talk to your orthopedic surgeon about the extent to which your knee is resilient. Caution should be exercised in general with meniscal damage. The meniscus can hardly be restored and often does not heal. Overuse can make the pain worse. If you have any of the following knee problems, you should speak to your doctor or therapist before doing squats:

  • meniscus injury : Pain when bending and turning, bruising and swelling
  • Knee cap dislocation : limited mobility, severe pain
  • Cruciate ligament tear : Sudden pain, leg buckles to the side when walking, bruising and pain
  • Arthrose : Cartilage damage, creeping over years, that knee swells and hurts

Caution should always be exercised when the knees are injured, although strengthening the muscles is advisable for some injuries and during regeneration. Please discuss this with your doctor.

Squat machine features and application

With a squat machine you either have the option of doing the squat stehend or sitting to execute. The classic variant is the standing one. This creates the actual, natural movement. The upper body is fixed by pads in the back and shoulder pads - whereby weights can also be placed on the shoulders.

Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Make sure that the tips of your feet are still in front of your knees as you squat. This will prevent the wrong burden.

The bending angle of the knees should not be more than 90 degrees. Also avoid stretching your knees - this puts a lot of strain on the inner ligaments and the meniscus.

The squat machines can usually all be loaded with weights. The manufacturers have given corresponding values. What is often, at least not with the online retailers, the discs. If you already have discs at home, it is worth checking whether your discs fit the machine. Then you don't have to buy them twice.

Repetition vs. force

Depending on what you want to train.

8-12 repetitions with increased weight promote muscle growth

12-20 repetitions are for endurance

Three sets per run are usually sufficient.

Multipress squat machine

Squats work very well on the multipress. You are free to choose your stand and you are not busy keeping your balance.

Advantages of the multipress squat machine

✔ Individual parts of your muscles can be addressed better
✔ You don't have to pay attention to the balance and
✔ For this reason, you can lift higher weights

Are you interested in expanding your training not only in the studio but also at home? Then look at ours Adviceabout the Multi Press on! You have the option of integrating many different training units.

Squat machine leg trainer

For squats that also train the calves, a machine that is specially designed for this training is suitable. Weights can be used to increase the difficulty. The whole device is a real multi-gym. Three different training units can be carried out on the device:

  • traditional squat
  • Squat on a 20 ° platform
  • Calf training from one turn

Goodbye angles can be set for this. This leads to correct exercise.

Hackenschmidt squat machine

The Hackenschmidt squat machine is very popular on the market and in the studios. It is no different from the other good models, but it has a reputation among athletes. And that reputation is good. With the machine, you have a certain angle at which you train your lower body. With your arms you fix your upper body on a rail. You only work with your torso, in principle you can't do anything wrong, you can't twist or drop weights.
Those who are fit can bend "Ass to the Grass" - those who have problems with their knees or are completely beginners should not try this on their own or leave it alone.

Recommended reading: Lots of guides on different topics .!

Who are squat machines suitable for?

What do you need a squat machine for? Isn't a barbell enough and that's enough? Jain. This question cannot generally be answered. If you prefer to exercise freely and like a barbell better because you want to train your balance at the same time, a squat machine is not absolutely necessary. Maybe you have just started training and you still have enough weight?

But: also for Beginner If you want to see results quickly, a squat machine is suitable. Some sports doctors even recommend such a machine. The main reason is that you can hardly make any mistakes in the movement.
Competitor Competition runners in particular need firm and strong leg muscles. If you just go jogging every now and then, the muscles you need are built up on their own. If you go to a competition, it may look different again.

Maybe you also have an exercise bike at home? Before you buy a squat machine, it is worthwhile for you to first check in a studio whether such a device is suitable for you. Not in the mood for a studio? In addition to a multi-press, a gym mat, a punching bag, a rowing machine, you can also buy a squat machine. Your training at home. Whenever you want. Without follow-up costs. Of the Weight training at home has several advantages. You are not bound by time, do not have to subscribe and can invite your friends.

What you should consider when buying squat machines

What should you pay attention to when buying?

  • Before buying, think about whether and which squat machine is suitable for you
  • Look for a seal of quality
  • When you order a squat machine online, they are usually shipped with a carrier
  • Many machines are coming without Weights - you either have to buy them or your existing ones fit on the device
  • Remember that you have to assemble the machine
  • No machine goes weight-technically open end: for this reason, also pay attention to the manufacturer's information regarding weights
  • If you want to exercise with a knee that has been sore, discuss your exercise with your doctor. In addition, you should not use weights that are too high - buy a device with which you can also use low weights

Advantages and disadvantages of the squat machine

What advantages and disadvantages can a squat machine bring to your home? Good devices are often not available at a bargain price. At least not new.

Advantages of the squat machine

✔ Squat effect is increased
✔ Training resistance individually adjustable
✔ Weights are interchangeable depending on the training
✔ Different angles can be set
✔ The training is led
✔ The balance is much better to keep and
✔ this reduces the risk of injury
✔ Standing and sitting bends possible
✔ The training can also be extended to the calf muscles and the back muscles as well as the abdominal muscles
✔ You can optimize your muscle building

More muscles, more muscles that need to be supplied. This means that you automatically increase your base calorie turnover. Even more: those who have good muscles are doing something for their entire immune system at the same time and are in a good mood. This is due to the serotonin released by the muscles! “If you don't exercise your muscles, you won't make enough myokines. During muscle training, myokines come out of the muscle and affect all organs, ”says Professor Bente Klarlund Pedersen

Disadvantages of the squat machine

✘ Good exercise equipment is not cheap
✘ You need enough space

Conclusion - squat machine

To strengthen your lower muscles, that of your legs, your buttocks and your lower back, you can use normal squats with your own weight, squats including a barbell or even squat machines. Especially if you have to exercise more often, perhaps because you have had an accident or want to steel your body in general, such a squat machine is just right for you. Take care of your body, also when it comes to overload. Damage to the meniscus or osteoarthritis is little or not curable. Support your body with the good muscles and pay attention to the most important key data during the training. Well trained, you don't just do something for tight legs and a firm bottom. Muscles promote your overall mood and also your immune system.

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