Guide: Snow removal tools - winter service

Which is the best way to get rid of the snow outside your door

Guidebook: Snow Removal Tools - Winterdienst

Keyword compulsory winter service. No matter how much winter can have its romantic sides, it also has its troublesome ones. So the good citizen can clear the sidewalks and his car of snow and ice early in the morning. There is de-icer spray for the car, something else is needed for the sidewalk. A snow shovel helps the whole thing. But which snow shovel is suitable? It must be of high quality. He has to push and shovel well. No matter how, the path must be clear, otherwise it can be expensive. In Berlin this costs up to € 10.000. If a pedestrian is injured, be

Claims for damages due. Reason enough to clear a few meters of the sidewalk from snow. We have shoveled our way through this guide: what must a good snow shovel be able to do, how does it have to be created, which models are possible and how expensive is all the fun? - Guide: Snow removal tools - Winter service

Guide: Snow removal tools - winter service - in comparison

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HENGMEI snow shovel with rollers ... *Snow shovel aluminum *FUXTEC snow shovel on wheels FX-SS740, ... *Prosperplast 14057 Snow Shovel Artic *Multi-purpose slider PRO S500H | 50 cm aluminum profile | ... *Original Snow Fox - shoveling snow without the ... *Hecht 9555 SE petrol snow blower (electric start, ... *
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72,99€Check price94,00€34,99€59,90€199,90€Check price
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What makes a good snow shovel

As different as that snow shovel, as different as their requirement. Basically, on smooth surfaces a snow shovel with a metal edge is best suited. Who pushes here with a plastic edge, will often find that a layer of snow remains on the way. Odd sidewalks, such as cobblestones, are more likely to slide freely with a plastic edge. Why? The plastic adapts significantly better to the bumps. So-called "whispering edges" should provide for less noise.

The edge is not the only one. The width of the bucket also plays a role. Mostly this is around about 50 cm. This is really enough for someone who has only a few days a year to clear a small path.
The shovel itself should also be made so that it easily releases the snow again. Some models really stick to it. In addition, it must be resistant to cold shock, cold makes the materials vulnerable, and "cheap manufactured" products then break very easily, for example, when bumps are encountered.

The difference between a snow shovel and a snow shovel usually lies in the curve. A shovel is designed for shoveling. You can also shovel with a pusher, but this is usually quite cumbersome.
Too much weight? Older people in particular and those who do very little physical work and therefore have less up their sleeves, but also those who plague the intervertebral discs, must or should also pay attention to the weight of the device. Of course, you can also have it very comfortably. The Snow shovel with wheels allow almost a glide, almost without effort. A snowblower does almost everything by itself, but it is also very loud and it just throws the snow a little further.

Which material should it be? With this device, there is really no need to consider the appearance. With plastic, make sure that it is very stable. Wood is nice to look at and somehow more close to nature, but the cold, wet and finally the grit and the ground under the snow quickly affected her. Metal is the most stable. Light aluminum is extremely suitable for this heavy job. Shortcoming: Salt rusts the shovel quickly. It is therefore advisable to clean the metal shovel after use.
You have to pay a little attention. The following checklist may be useful for the overview. A good snow shovel is characterized by:

✮ robust material. Especially plastic works very well in the temperatures and the cold makes the plastic hard.

✮ A good processed edge. Remember: a metal edge is better for smooth surfaces, but uneven surfaces are more likely to get rid of with a plastic edge

✮ A bucket is not a slider. Due to the curvature and the angle of the bucket itself, you can either better shovel or push with the appropriate device,

✮ If you have less power, you can also use a snow shovel with wheels.

✮ Someone who has a lot of snow to clear, can also think about purchasing a snowblower. A snow blower has the advantage that it picks up the snow on its own and sprays it through an ejection channel.

✮ The handle or the style. Both must be well processed, stable and secure in the blade or in the slide sit. If he does break, it is helpful if he can be exchanged.

✮ The same applies to the blade edge. On some models, it is available in accessories if it is damaged too much.

Differences - snow removal tools

To the slider, the shovel and the Snowblower can be found various differences. Depending on your needs, one is better than the other. We have once said this apart and summarized in keywords, with the advantages and disadvantages.

The snow shovel

snow shovel is suitable for all areas that have to be cleared of snow, even if the snow may have to be deposited elsewhere. For example, you can't and shouldn't simply shovel the snow off the sidewalk onto the street. A snow shovel has to be light because you have to consider the additional weight of the snow. In addition, if the shovel is “good”, it is ergonomically shaped and has a handle at the end of the style that allows you to shovel powerfully without slipping. It can be made of plastic or special thermal cuffs, metal is then much colder. The blades do not need such a large width either. 40 - 50 cm are usually sufficient.

The snow shovel

The normal one snow shovel usually consists of either wood, aluminum or plastic. You can also shovel with it, but it is a little more difficult for inexperienced people. Also, the sliders do not always have a handle, only a style. Wooden models are not as stable. The edges are important here, they can also be exchanged. Aluminum is the most durable, but also loud. There are so-called "whisper edges" that are supposed to make it a bit quieter when you scratch the sidewalk. Snow shovels have an average width of about 50 cm.

Snow shovel with wheels

Much easier and thus easier is one Snow shovel with wheels, He slides well over the sidewalk and pushes the snow wherever you want and even back-friendly. Good wheeled fellows have pneumatic tires that allow easy pushing. You can adjust them steplessly, depending on the angle of the need and can be folded up in the rule. Care is required here, however. So it is important to ensure that the facial expressions do not wear, after sliding you should clean the device and if necessary also oil or ensure the mobility of the moving parts.

Germania snow shovel 74 x 42 cm made of steel with wheels ...
Germania snow shovel 74 x 42 cm made of steel with wheels ... *
Snow shovel 74 x 42 cm made of steel from Germania; The shovel blade can be adjusted to five different angles
BigDean snow shovel with wheels / rollers snow tub 80 cm ...
BigDean snow shovel with wheels / rollers snow tub 80 cm ... *
♥ Extra wide shovel width 80cm; ♥ With rollers / wheels pushing instead of shoveling!


Snowblower is the biggest brother of the snow removal team. It is powered by a motor and sucks in the snow to release it through a pipe. It is ideal for trails that allow you to get rid of the snow a bit further. The snow blowers are available with electric and petrol engine. While the electric motors are quieter than those with gasoline, but they require a power cable. These devices are designed for a lot of work and of course need their maintenance and care.

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196cm³ displacement with 6,5 HP max. Engine power; now with lighting through comfortable front headlights

Conclusion: snow clearing tool

Snow in winter can be annoying. Nevertheless, if you have to clear the snow, you can't avoid the right tools. Fortunately, there is a suitable solution for every circumstance. Whether snow shovel, snow pusher, a pusher with wheels or even a tiller. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to have high-quality material so that there are no accidents, things break prematurely and you can still benefit from them next year. The costs for a proper slide start at around 30 euros, for a milling machine the price is in the three-digit range.
Oh yes, there are small snow shovels for children if you do not feel like clearing the snow yourself ☺

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