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“FRIES ARE DONE!” Anyone who hears something like this hurries to come to the table. Few people who don't like fries. Maybe French fries were the main reason to consider whether it would also work with less fat and more air. Maybe. Because a hot air fryer is far from finished with french fries.

What exactly is an air fryer? Are there health benefits? Can you buy useful hot air fryer accessories? And what are the other advantages and disadvantages of hot air fryers? Honest Tests: Air fryer buying guide

Air fryer - in comparison

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129,99 €132,99 €Check priceCheck price99,99 €89,99 €53,99 €Check price69,99 €53,99 €
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What is a hot air fryer?

We all know the classic deep fryer from a french fryer: a basket is left in hot fat and the bubbly fries come out crispy and slightly browned again after a few minutes. It's pretty tasty. Unfortunately not necessarily figure-friendly and there are always residues of the frying fat that can only be stored for a limited time.

A hot air fryer usually works with very little fat, but with a lot of hot air that swirls around the delicious stuff in the fryer, making it crispy and cooked through. That’s healthier and it’s delicious too. In addition, it doesn't smell like fat and you can use such a hot air fryer not only to prepare french fries, but also fish, meat, vegetables and other things.

How does an air fryer work?

A hot air fryer can be compared a bit with an oven that has been set to convection. Only - significantly more energy efficient. At the same time, there is a collecting area at the bottom of the deep fryer. Instead of a baking sheet or grate, as in an oven, the food is piled up in a basket. The air that is now circulating can reach all of the food in the basket and cook it gently.

From cooked to crispy: The temperature can be adjusted to suit your food. High-quality devices already have various automatic programs. The preparation can be stopped in no time at all. French fries, vegetables, fish, meat, nuggets: fill in the food, press the button, wait, enjoy your meal!

Healthier deep frying with hot air?

Is it now healthier to use a hot air fryer? And isn't that at the expense of taste? Jain. If you like really greasy fries and don't want to see a stripped-down version on your plate, you might not be a fan of a hot air fryer. Let's stick with the example of fries and take a look at a few sub-items:

Fat and kilocalories

It is well known that conventionally prepared French fries, nuggets and the like contain a lot of fat. For 100 g of deep-fried French fries, there are around 300 kcal and almost 15 grams of fat. And one hundred grams is really not that much. With, to stick with the example of french fries, you can save over 100 kcal by preparing the golden chopsticks. With the fat, it is a matter of preparation, because the amount of fat depends on the volume of the contents and the small amount of fat used, without which even a hot air fryer cannot do. So if you want it to be very precise, you have to do the math yourself.

Cancer risks

The fries from the conventional deep fryer have fallen into disrepute due to their exposure to acrylamide and acrolein. All starchy foods that have to be exposed to high heat develop acrylamide from 175 degrees Celsius and acrolein from 200 degrees Celsius. These two substances have been classified as carcinogenic. However, this is also the case with hot air fryers when high temperatures are used.

Bad cholesterol

Good and bad cholesterol: While good cholesterol (HDL - high-density lipoproteins) does not cause any damage to health, bad cholesterol (LDL - low-density lipoprotein) increasingly leads to coronal heart disease. This also includes high blood pressure. For this reason, diabetes patients should also avoid fried food.

What you can prepare with a hot air fryer

French fries only? Not at all. Good air fryers have immense leeway when it comes to your food. A small list could contain the idea of ​​your dinner:

  • Apples
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Chips
  • Filled dough
  • stews
  • Muffins
  • rice pudding
  • Cake
  • Cookies
  • Fruits
  • baked apple
  • Gratinated
  • Lasagna
  • bun
  • And much more

There are so many delicious recipes for you to try. And as you can see, a hot air fryer can also be used like a small oven. The devices from well-known manufacturers can be operated from 40 degrees and that makes it so pleasant to use them. You no longer have to deep-fry everything, you can decide for yourself how you want what.

Accessories hot air fryers

Such a deep fryer is not finished with a small basket. There are a lot of accessories to buy. Some manufacturers have already added a lot of gadgets to their fryers, but maybe you are still missing one or the other:

  • Various baking molds
  • Muffin molds
  • Casserole dishes
  • Cooking grids
  • Grillspieße
  • Pizza plate
  • Separation options (for several servings
  • Toast bars
  • Pliers
  • cleaning brush
  • And much more

N / A? Are you already hungry? If you want to grill really well, take a look at our grill guide. Maybe this is your new summer favorite?

What should you look for in the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Pay attention to honest tests?

In order to be able to buy a high-quality, full-range hot air fryer, you should pay attention to a few things so that it does not lead to a bad purchase. We have briefly summarized the most important features of your new kitchen gadget here:


You can save up to 80% fat by using a hot air fryer. But even they cannot do without a little fat. The fat is calculated from the goods with which you fill the deep fryer. Round about, you can make your food crispy with just 10 milliliters of fat.


Do you live alone or do you have a whole family or often friends over to visit? In general, something bigger is better than too small. So when buying, make sure that your deep fryer has enough capacity to fill everyone at the same time.


French fries only? Even if at the moment it looks like you just want to make fries, expect at any time that you could become curious too. So if your deep fryer does not have so many accessories, then the provider should at least provide suitable accessories, which you can buy if necessary.


If you do not have any experience in deep-frying and preparation, or if you do not want to deal with it at all, a deep fryer that does certain tasks for you is suitable. The automatic programs already have a lot to offer and so you don't have to experiment a lot. Of course you can.


A viewing window is extremely useful when you want to check your tasty contents. Constantly tearing open the lid to see how far the food is, only disrupts the process or, in many cases, is not that easy at all. So it is better if you can look directly into the deep fryer.

Energy Efficiency

A hot air fryer is more efficient than an oven. But how much? Does it take a long time to preheat and what is the manufacturer's information? Some companies have specialized in creating particularly energy-saving hot air fryers.


And that is also important: How quickly and easily can the air fryer be cleaned? Often something goes wrong, the grease has to be replaced, the baskets and accessories are used. Just put some parts in a dishwasher? Is the? Or do you have to hand wash everything. And how well can the different elements be taken apart?


It should be a high-quality hot air fryer and one that has enough space. Good and high-quality materials, a robust and safe construction must be given. This can also be noticeable in the purchase. The deep fryer mustn't smell funny, this is a sign of poor quality.


In brief, the most important decision criteria are:

  • How much fat can the deep fryer hold?
  • What is the capacity?
  • Which accessories are available?
  • Are programs selectable?
  • Does the deep fryer have a viewing window?
  • How high is the energy efficiency?
  • How easy is it to clean the deep fryer?
  • How much money do you want to spend?

Advantages and disadvantages of hot air fryers

The advantages and disadvantages of a hot air fryer beat the oven by far:

Advantages of the air fryer

✔ Energy saving compared to an oven
✔ It is much easier to eat a lot more food
✔ Healthier than fried food
✔ The original taste of the food is retained
✔ No sticky greasy odor in the apartment
✔ Lots of accessories available
✔ Saves time compared to an oven
✔ In contrast to a real deep fryer, there is little or no residual fat

Disadvantages air fryer

✘ High quality equipment can be expensive
✘ The deep fryer requires additional space
✘ Food can dry out

Conclusion: Hot air fryer bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – guide

Healthier, less fat, more natural taste and lots of possibilities for use. A hot air fryer is a good friend of the kitchen, regardless of whether you just want to make french fries every now and then or want to let off steam with culinary delights. There are a few things you should still pay attention to. High-quality devices are a bit more expensive to buy, but pay off in the long run.

There are so many great recipes to try for yourself and your loved ones. Especially when things have to go faster. Fish, meat, vegetables, bread and baked goods, and even dessert can now be made quickly. Without dripping with fat, enveloping the whole apartment in the smell of fat. Good hunger!

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