Modern heating control: Digital room thermostats for efficient heat management

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How to control your heat optimally

Digital room thermostat

Digital room thermostat: "Alexa? I'm too warm. ”Alexa automatically turns down the thermostats. At some point it will presumably be the case that some technical device will immediately measure the body temperature and adjust it to the "ideal temperature". Future vision or future nightmare? We do not know. What we do know, however, is that life is made easier by the many technical helpers and that you can save a lot of money with a small investment. You can control the temperature of rooms independently of each other.

Sure, you can do that on the older radiators too. But how often do you forget that? And the bedroom has already been transformed into a small sauna, because the outside temperature can fluctuate enormously due to solar radiation, especially in autumn and spring.

This depends on the hours of sunshine, how high the sun is, how and whether it shines through the window, how big the window is, whether the room is a corner room or in the middle and many other circumstances. So what options are there to save money and create the most comfortable temperature possible in the rooms without having to run through all the rooms three times a day? That’s what we’ll deal with in this guide. – Digital room thermostat bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

Digital room thermostat - in comparison

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Smart heating thermostat

What are digital room thermostats?

Usually, at least in the past, many heating systems could only be controlled from the heating system. With a room temperature controller, this is also very easy to do from the home. Anyone who can call underfloor heating their own needs this digital thermostat anyway. It electronically controls what comes out of the boiler room, to put it simply. The mechanical thermostat has a small wheel that you can use to adjust the temperature.

Most of the time there is a device like this in every room and you can set the temperature, but you still have to go to every room. The electronic room thermostat already has an LED display and at the same time shows the temperature in the room itself. From here it gets interesting because equipped with the appropriate electronics, the different rooms can be programmed.

What are the options?

This guide is about the future, so let's limit ourselves to three ways of regulating the temperature in the rooms. The WLAN thermostat, the digital room thermostat and the SMART thermostat.
It is important for all thermostats that they hang in the right place. Under no circumstances should they be installed behind curtains, in direct sunlight, behind furniture, in heating niches, under window sills or in areas with frequent drafts.

Splashing water, for example in the shower rooms, must also be avoided. You should record an average room temperature. So the average of the room temperature. While numbers from * to 5 are specified for the manual knobs, the electronic representatives can be addressed much more precisely.

❗ Did you know? Where is the approximate temperature of the heating knob at which level?

❄ = 6 ° degree (frost protection)

❶ = 12 ° degrees

❷ = 14 ° degrees

❸ = 16 ° degrees

❹ = 20 ° degrees

❺ = 24 ° degrees

? = 28 degrees

Digital room thermostats

Digital has more options than manual. If a timer is installed in the thermostat, you can program which room should have which temperature at what time of the day. They usually also have a temperature gauge, so you can see how warm it is. That saves a lot of money and forget, so you can not do anything.

The advantages? The electric wireless thermostats are definitely more efficient and intelligent compared to the manual rotary controls on every heating system. The higher acquisition costs and the possible conversion are a bit of a disadvantage. They are battery operated, but the batteries last almost two years. An energy-saving regulator can also be very useful for shared apartments and installation is very easy. You can easily convert the regulator on the radiator yourself. Instead of a rotary knob, it is now digital and can also be set to vacation mode. That saves a lot.

WLAN room thermostats

It will be interesting here. If the heating system is connected to the WLAN, different radiators can thus be controlled by one device. These thermostats can be easily attached by screwing or gluing anywhere. They then "speak" automatically with the radiators. In the common models you can program about 8 radiators. Some can also be integrated into common heating systems, others are simply exchanged with the usual rotary knobs.

Smart thermostat

The royal class. Just take a smartphone, download an app and create heating plans. Over the WLAN or the FRITZ! Box communicates then the telephone with the heating system and does as ordered. Now you can even sit on the sofa and control the entire system. Or on Sundays, in bed, if you would like to have it warmer in the bathroom. Practically!

No Wi-Fi in the house? No problem, there are already systems that work with Bluetooth.
Programming is not that easy. The center must be connected to the WLAN or Bluetooth, which succeeds with a specially developed app. This then speaks with the knobs on the heaters.

Save heating costs

Correct programming of the heating system can save up to 10 percent of heating costs. Or to put it another way: with just one degree less in the room, you use 6% less energy. Such a winter day can cost you between 5 - 10 euros, extrapolated that means savings of 6% less, i.e. one degree 0,6 euros per day (at 10 euros), within 120 days approx. 44 euros. Much more if you convert from an older heating system to a new digital one. Much more so if you simply forget a radiator and blast the heater for hours. If you are honest with yourself and think twice, you get almost double what you could save. If you want to save even more, you can only do this with a water-bearing pellet stove or a fango pillow. - Digital room thermostat

Retrofitting is part of keeping doors and windows closed, venting and good insulation also help keep costs down. A system that is older than 15 years can also be put through its paces. For owners it is worth asking for a subsidy from the state, here up to 30% can be cleared.
Saving energy has now become a duty, not only because of the costs, but also because of our planet, which is the home and future of our children. - And our grandson…. and great-grandchildren ...

How does the installation work?

Which cable where to go? Often a cable must be laid from the heating circuit distributor to the heating thermostat. This is needed for the current and for addressing the actuator. Anyone who is not explicitly familiar with the installation, because he is a specialist, should always have this done by a specialist company.

This is easier with the Smart Thermostats. Here only the rotary knobs on the radiator itself have to be replaced by the digital ones. A center takes over the distribution role. You connect via the downloaded app the center with the WLAN and can then conveniently from the smartphone to address each radiator and create heating plans, enter holiday modes, on and off, everything very convenient and flexible.

Pros and cons - digital room thermostat

Digital room thermostat: There are advantages and disadvantages. However, time heals here:


▴Who often forget to regulate the radiators manually, who can afford with a simply created heating plan his "wilfulness".

▴Heating costs can be extremely reduced

▴According to costs, an investment of subsequently upgraded heating systems is already balanced after about one year

▴Flexible possibilities

▴Easy installation of simpler models

▴Convenient control from the couch or wherever you are

DerAlways the full overview of the temperature in the rooms

UrlaubsA holiday mode is programmable. Thus, the radiators regulate themselves as needed on their own without the apartment cools down too much or heats too much

The disadvantages

Nach Depending on the system, the initial costs are higher

▾the smart thermostats need to know a bit about the apps in order to program them.

▾In some complete conversions, a heating engineer may become necessary

Conclusion: digital room thermostat

Smart thermostats, wireless thermostats or digital. What sounds a bit confusing, is actually quite simple. You can attach a digital device to the wall in each room and program the heating from there. You can attach a main unit from which you control the premises or you can all run it via an app and then the response works comfortably from your smartphone. From the tablet or the notebook. No matter which system you choose, you can save heating costs in any case. Not too short in some households.

Who wants to buy in the online shops, because the offers there are sometimes better, which makes no mistake. Not everything that is available on the market, works according to the motto: "expensive is equally good". Here you can read smartly between the different opinions and comments. You have to read smart anyway, especially when you are toying with a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat. It has to fit into one, you have to master technology and the technology has to communicate flawlessly with each other.

For landlords, this is also interesting. Not every tenant comes home at 17 h and sits down on the couch with blankets. If the tenants can heat their apartment to their specific needs, it will lower the costs for everyone.
And yes: also with “Alexa”, that Smarthome device The thermostats can be connected from Amazon. In addition to listening to music for cooking, if you get too warm, you can reduce the room temperature without having to move away from the stove.

Discover the top 10 best and best-selling digital room thermostat products 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect digital room thermostat product for your needs now!

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Digital Smart Heating Thermostats

Discover the top 10 best and best-selling digital radiator thermostat products 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect digital radiator thermostat product for your needs now!

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